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NEM down under; blockchain Hubs in Australia and New Zealand

Priyamvada Singh



NEM down under; blockchain Hubs in Australia and New Zealand
Source: Pixabay

On 16th July, NEM, a smart asset blockchain made a Twitter announcement regarding the launch of two NEM Blockchain Hubs in Australia and New Zealand. The establishments are planned to act as education and knowledge hubs for blockchain technology.

NEM's tweet | Source: Twitter

NEM’s tweet | Source: Twitter

The members of these hubs, whether public or community, will receive education on the fundamentals of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. NEM will also be appointing a representative dedicated to carrying this role.

Additionally, large enterprises or even startups that want to make the adoption of blockchain a reality in their systems, will receive full support from the NEM Blockchain Hubs to run their business. NEM will do this via workshops, discussion forums, hackathons, and related-activities.

Jason Lee, the Expansion Director of Foundation, New Zealand and Australia said that NEM Blockchain Hubs will keep it their first priority to educate as well as inform both the public in general and commercial platforms about the advantages and applications offered by this technology. He stated:

“We want to be able to attract software developers, startups and the wider blockchain community to explore and develop use case of the NEM blockchain technology platform.”

The Expansion Director also revealed that six companies in New Zealand and Australia have been set to a good start and have the backing of the foundation-owned funds. As per his words, the launch of these hubs will target the funding of more and more businesses. Moreover, any members of the ecosystem willing to work towards the cause will be taken on board.

NEM NZ Blockchain Hub

CerebralFix Group is hosting the hub at Westport, New Zealand. CerebralFix is a gaming studio that recently developed MatchNEM, with the NEM Foundation. It also works with big media houses like Disney, BBC, and DreamWorks.

For businesses using the NEM blockchain, the NEM NZ Hub will provide for a co-working space as well as an incubation platform, with regular engagement activities and educational sessions.

The Group Director of CerebralFix, Benjamin Dellaca said:

“The purpose of the Foundation is to introduce, educate, and promote the use of the NEM blockchain technology platform on an international scale to industries and institutions.

Further, he added:

“NEM ranks as one of the top blockchain technologies worldwide and we are excited that Westport which is just 45 minutes flight from Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city, is the location of choice to develop the hub.”

NEM Brisbane Blockchain Hub

The famous blockchain tourism platform TravelByBit is the host of the NEM Brisbane Blockchain Hub. TravelByBit is funded by NEM and is dedicated to making Australia a digital currency tourism destination. The company approaches small and big businesses in the travel and tourism sector, such as hotels, eateries, amusement centers, among many to spread the adoption of cryptocurrencies for the local as well as outside travelers around Australia. This minimalizes the trouble of Foreign Exchanges.

Caleb Yeoh, a board member of Blockchain Australia and the CEO of TravelByBit, on the NEM Blockchain Hub launch said:

“We have been part of the crypto and blockchain community in Australia for some time and the development of the NEM Blockchain Hub will be a positive step forward towards education and adoption in cryptocurrency.”

A few full-time employees of NEM Australia and NEM New Zealand have been conducting educational talks on the NEM blockchain to increase their association with local academic institutions and businesses interested in the technology.

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Priyamvada is a full-time journalist at AMBCrypto. A graduate in Journalism & Communication from Manipal University, she believes blockchain technology to be a revolutionary tool in advancing the future. Currently, she holds no value in cryptocurrencies.


Tron’s Justin Sun claims stablecoins will be key to cryptocurrency development

Akash Anand



Tron CEO claims stablecoins will be the key focal point for cryptocurrency development
Source: Pixabay

The Justin Sun-led Tron has been in the news multiple times recently, thanks to its regular updates and noticeable price hikes. The CEO has also played a very active role in promoting the cryptocurrency, as exhibited by his recent AMA on Periscope.

Sun focused on how the initial success with protocol governance in the Tron ecosystem paved the way for future developments in the blockchain. The CEO stated,

“Tron had 27 Super Representatives passing 17 new protocols out of which 10 were voted in and accepted. Tron is also the third blockchain after Ethereum to be associated with the stablecoin Tether.”

Justin Sun further opined that 2019 was the year of the stablecoins and that inked assets will be a key focal point when it comes to future developments. He believes that the stablecoin system is the ecosystem in which centralized finance will be taking off. Sun added,

“We will be collaborating with more parties to boost Tether USDT use cases in the TRX ecosystem.”

The Tron Foundation had launched Tether on the TRX blockchain in April to much fanfare, with Tron tweeting,

“Today #USDT is launched on TRON’s blockchain. $USDT is issued by @Tether_to on the #TRON network based on #TRC20 protocol. There will also be a total reward of 20 million $USDT for 100 days. $USDT will be fast, free and smart! #TRX #BTT”

This program was later postponed due to certain discrepancies that came to light post the Tether-Bitfinex episode. Another topic touched on by the Tron CEO was the much-celebrated BitTorrent, which has come a long way since its acquisition by Tron in 2018. Sun admitted that BitTorrent was ‘integral’ to the overall growth of Tron’s development cycle. BTT recently completed its fifth airdrop on June 11, right after the Tron blockchain had breached the 10 million mark in terms of block height. The BTT airdrop involved the transfer of close to a billion tokens which were sent as a reward to TRX holders.

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