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NEM [XEM] Foundation’s steps to propagate blockchain technology, the future

Akash Anand



NEM [XEM] Foundation's steps to propogate blockchain technology, the future
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On 20th July, the official blog of the NEM Foundation released a highlight reel that touched upon all the ways the organization was helping blockchain developers create new products on the NEM platform. NEM has undertaken projects that entails expanding the partner company’s training courses and establishing global blockchain centers.

NEM's tweet | Source: Twitter

NEM’s tweet | Source: Twitter

NEM has signed Memorandums of Understanding with BitDegree, the Saintgits Group of Institutions and the Thoresen Thai Agencies.

NEM Foundation’s key strategy is to support developers. Kristof Van de Reck, NEM’s Interim President has stated:

“One of the many ways NEM continues global expansion is by providing developers with a variety of educational tools and training. This week we’re pleased to share new developer workshops and global NEM 101 meetups, as well as partnerships through Craftain, the NEMsp program, and Developers.”

In Argentina, the company is planning to add the XEM token to the Qubit exchange while in New Zealand, the NEM Community Fund donated $1.2 million to Origins, a Wellington-based startup that verifies the origin point of a certain piece of apparel.

The MOU with BitDegree in Europe is aimed to establish a platform that will train developers to build and deploy products on the blockchain. In the Middle East, Sernez, a project assisted by NEM Middle East has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Saintgits group of institutions. This partnership will see NEM become the first blockchain company to provide a scholarship based program to students.

Superior smart contract plugins used by NEM enable its blockchain engine to power both, public and private networks. The NEM Foundation aims to overtake others in the blockchain industry by pushing enterprise solutions. The additional perks of these plugins are advanced account systems, swaps that will be decentralized and secure and business logic modeling. The platform is also planning to strengthen its digital asset creation functions.

The NEM blockchain was launched in March 2015, aiming to provide solutions for enterprises. It believes that technology should always be envisioned as ‘out-of-the-box’.

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