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NEM [XEM] Blockchain into music industry, collaborations unroll!

Simran Alphonso



NEM [XEM] Blockchain into music industry, collaborations unroll!
Source: Pixabay

NEM [XEM] has lately been settling up meetups and launching newsgroups in different countries as the coin has been working on its promotional activities. Over the past few days, NEM has been involved in a few tie-ups of exchange platforms and new collaborations.

Today, NEM tweeted:, powered by @TuneBlockchain, partners with @MyCopyrightBank to register songs on the NEM Blockchain. Another project, another collaboration! This time, in the music industry! #NEM $XEM #TuneToken #CopyrightBank”

Recently, NEM announced the tie-up with CopyRightBank. The NEM blockchain technology empowers CopyrightBank as it accelerates trust in the information that it stores. This is because blockchain is a decentralized, distributed ledger that is immutable.

The code running the NEM’s blockchain uses powerful cryptographic algorithms that secures and ensures the integrity of the information. As a result, the digital-fingerprinting, time-stamping, and recording by CopyrightBank can be relied upon.

Australia and Cayman Islands—The TechCrunch Disrupt Cup grant winning group behind the music joint effort application, earlier known as RecordGram, have announced that they will use the CopyrightBank stage to enroll their produced beats and tunes on the ‘NEM blockchain’. is a mobile recording studio, producer marketplace, and social network that allows users to create original songs cost effectively which they can share across social platforms instantly turning.

CopyrightBank intends to transform copyright works into blockchain-controlled unique resources, fueled by the NEM blockchain. It is one of the initial organizations to effectively get financing from the NEM Community Fund by Foundation. This startup was established in Melbourne, Australia, with the improvement bolster from framework integrator ASTA Solutions and Foundation.

Erik Mendelson CEO of and Tune Token said:

“We are excited to work with CopyrightBank because they already have a working product that allows users of our platform to register their songs on the NEM blockchain.”



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