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Neptune DASH now trades in both the US and EU

Aman Swami



Neptune Dash now trades in both the US and EU
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Neptune Dash which publicly trades on Canada’s TSX-Venture Exchange, went public in January raising over 23 million Canadian dollars. The proceeds of it were used in buying Dash and setting up masternodes. Neptune Dash’s shareholders effectively own a small percentage of the masternodes that Neptune Dash has set up.

Tweet by Dash

Tweet by Dash

Neptune Dash is now listed on the Frankfurt Exchange, giving it access to EU. In the US, the company trades over-the-counter [OTC]. Prior to this only the Canadian investors had access to investment in Neptune Dash but after this, the investors from EU and US can directly invest in the company. In the US, a broker is required to invest in Neptune Dash as it trades over-the-counter [OTC].

Neptune Dash’s Troy Wong says:

“Neptune Dash is the perfect way for investors to invest in the Dash ecosystem through a regulated and publicly traded company.”

Masternodes carry voting rights on proposals. Each masternode has 1 vote and this vote can be used on budget proposals or important decisions that affect Dash, which has the investors clamoring for ownership of a fraction of a masternode and share in the regular masternode payouts.

To own a masternode, investors till date had to trust the service and transfer their Dash. They have been looking for a trustless way of owning a fraction of a masternode for a long time. With the availability of Neptune Dash on both the US and EU markets, the investors can finally enjoy the ‘trustless way’ of owning a fraction of a masternode.

While trustless masternode shares were announced long ago as part of Dash Evolution, they remain on the distant horizon.

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Aman Swami is an Economics major from Christ University. He is very passionate about cryptocurrency and understanding of financial markets.