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New Poloniex mobile app aims to deliver “best possible experiences”

Aakanksha Rana



New Poloniex mobile app aims to deliver "best possible experiences"
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On 13th July 2018, Circle, a peer-to-peer payment technology company, officially announced the launch of Poloniex mobile app. Poloniex is an exchange platform where users can conduct transaction across the world in various digital currencies. The Circle team’s official Medium page notified:

“In our effort to deliver the best possible experience across all platforms, we’ve acquired the best-in-class Poloniex app for iOS and Android! This app will now be the only officially supported Poloniex app in the App Store and Play Store.”

At press time, the Poloniex mobile app has reached over 10,000 installations [Play store stats-Android].

Poloniex Exchange official tweet about the launch of Poloniex mobile app | Source: Twitter

Poloniex Exchange official tweet about the launch of Poloniex mobile app | Source: Twitter

The partnership between Circle and Poloniex occurred in the month of February. This partnership produced a number of positive attributes, some of them are:

  • Circle introduced customer support, compliance and many technical operations in order to strengthen the existing product and platform. With this collaboration Circle focused on scalability, reliability.
  • The firm [Circle] aimed at scaling Poloniex through market expansion and localization. The tie-up focussed on improving the fiat currencies such as USD, EUR and GBP connectivity.
  • Due to the increasing customer base of Poloniex, the partnership aimed at enhancing the features and services of trading.

Just after the association between Poloniex and Circle was announced, Poloniex’s fees dropped by 0.1% emphasizing the efficiency of the ‘fee structures’. With the launch of Poloniex Mobile App which trades more than 65 altcoins, investors now have a greater advantage.

This launch led to mixed responses in the market.

Dr. Shill, a Twitter user said:

“Pepperidge farm remmembers when you were a nice exchange… When had a trollbox and no KYC… Those were the good days, good days are gone…”

Mian Kmaran, another Twitter user commented:

“I think you should add some coin if you want to improve the exchange faster.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Guido Del Pino

    August 20, 2018 at 12:38 PM

    I was using Poloniex for all my cryptocurrency trading and recently I was robbed of all my currency. One day I was going through my emails and I noticed that I have received several emails from Poloniex. The first saying that I had requested a change of password. The second with an authorization code. The third saying that the login was successful. I didn’t request any of that so I clicked where it said “Froze Account” and tried to enter my account. Of course, I couldn’t using my old password, because someone had changed it. I had to go through the process of changing it which is ridiculous. Poloniex doesn’t ask any information to verify that the person changing the password is the one that owns the account. So anyone that somehow gains access to your email by hacking it, can easily enter your Poloniex account. Of course, the customer support of Poloniex is awful and not helpful at all. I would not recommend using this platform to anyone. Also, something suspicious is, how did the person that hacked my email knew I had a Poloniex account. Is Poloniex involved in this theft? Of course, I will be looking into taking legal actions against Poloniex.

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