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OMPx shared growth game – An online game for fun ads and token winnings

Anoushka Shrestha



OMPx shared growth game - An online game for fun ads and token winnings
Source: OMPx which stands for OneMillionPixels, is an online game for fun ads and winning on the growth of tokens. It is a digital canvas of 1000 X 1000 pixels allowing users to draw and to attach links to such drawings (to a blog or a website, for instance). The likes of this idea are seen in One Million Dollars Page or Reddit.Place

However, what sets this project apart from others is its economics. First of all, a user can at any time sell the tokens back to the smart contract. And second, all the gain from the release of the tokens is accumulated in the smart contract, instead of going to the team. That’s how the token price grows. The price also increases, even more, when the tokens are spent to draw.

This leads to an involving system where every user, for his own reasons, is interested in the mass spreading of the game: those who put his link to the canvas hope for the widening of the audience, and those holding the tokens as an investment count on the token growth following the increase in demand. And it is worth counting on: during the first two days on the air, the demand for OMPx resulted in 2 000 000 tokens sold from the smart contract.

To see with your own eyes how users unite to make this project the most popular resource of 2018, as well as directly take part in it, click here!

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