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ORST Hypersmart Contracts – Merging Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Neil Kumar



ORST - Connecting blockchain and AI with hypersmart contracts
Source: ORS Groups

ORS group in association with Ethereum has created Hypersmart Contracts. The hypersmart contracts are powered by AI and help users to achieve the highest level of efficiency in the flow of goods & services, information and payments within the chain.

This contract is enabled to activate AI algorithms to solve compound problems related to efficiency and optimization with the help of data stored on-chain by independent or decentralized organizations. In addition to this, the contracts even facilitate instant crypto payments or transfers in return make the payment process hassle-free.

By merging Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, ORS group aims at creating a future where business transactions in any value chain are decided and executed by Hypersmart contracts and thereby releasing the crypto payments.

The ORS group is issuing its own utility token, ORST, backed by ERC20, will be used to buy and sell the Hypersmart contracts, AI algorithms and solutions and other digital assets provided on the platform.

The group is in the process of developing a unique platform where users can purchase both proprietary and third parties artificial intelligence algorithms and hypersmart contracts in exchange for the newly issued ORS token. The platform even enables businesses to adopt cryptocurrencies in their value chain to ensure the increase of efficiency and overall performance/ growth of the business.

Advantages of ORS Platform:

  • Facilitates usage of Big Data
  • Efficiently manages the stochastic conditions; which handles almost all B2B and B2C transactions
  • Enables third parties certified offering of innovative hypersmart contracts and solutions with the help of Open source and API based coding
  • Increases productivity, efficiency and transactions in any value chain of a business.

The ORST token will be used to reward its users and also as a mode of remuneration for developers and associates of the ORS team to promote their commitment and engagement towards the project.

The token was created mainly to facilitate:

  • Established businesses
  • Developers and scientists
  • Innovators in Blockchain/ Ethereum projects.

ORS RoadMap:

ORS Roadmap

ORS Roadmap

For more information on the project – Click Here

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