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Pornhub recieves thousands of payment through Verge [XVG]

Sanchit Ameria



Pornhub recieves thousands of payment through Verge [XVG]
Source: Pixabay

The new partnership of Verge [XVG] and Pornhub led to a lot of hustle-bustle in the crypto-space. The coin received a lot of positive and negative reaction following the announcement of the partnership.

Verge has seen a hike of more than 45% before the announcement of a secret partnership but preceding the announcement Verge fell more than 30% leading to speculations that the coin has made a wrong decision by partnering with the adult industry.

Verge [XVG] proved the speculations wrong as PornHub has announced that they have received thousands of Verge payments ever since they officially partnered with Verge [XVG] and stepping foot into the crypto-world.

Pornhub ARIA took the news on twitter which says:

“We have received thousands of Verge payments already not all people leave feedback”

Biht Coign BSc (Hons) a Twitterati posted a tweet showing that Pornhub has received 650+ Verge payments.

Biht Coign BSc (Hons) Twitter post that shows the number of Verge payments received by Pornhub on CoinPayment

Biht Coign BSc (Hons) Twitter post that shows the number of Verge payments received by Pornhub on CoinPayment

Recently, Pornhub distributed free Verge coins in Silicon Valley to celebrate the new partnership and have also announced a reward of 300K Verge [XVG].

Jason, a cryptocurrency trader says:

“Everyone can say what they want but the partnership from Verge with Pornhub and the mindgeek network is one of the biggest achievements in Cryptocurrency”

CryptoKraToZz, a Twitterati says:

“Shit this is incredible 😱 literally only been like 2/3 days”

VergeBull says:

“Just two days in Pornhub has already processed thousands of Verge transactions. This is why they chose the coin with the strongest and most dedicated community.”

Shawn Keller, a crypto-enthusiast says:

“This was bound to happen. The marketing of the partnership was bang on. On top of that, the mass reach provided by Pornhub can’t be given by any other website. The website has billions of views every day from all around the world. This truly is one of the biggest partnership in the crypto-world and will definitely turn out to be the most successful one well.”

Verge [XVG] is currently trading at $0.072 with a market cap of $1 billion and has seen a significant rise of more than 16% in the past 24 hours.

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A part-time contributor at AMBCrypto, Sanchit is a IIM, Indore graduate with interests in the blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. His work has been published by Indian Commerce Magazine and a couple of other local publications. Sanchit currently does not hold any value in any cryptocurrencies or projects.



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