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Qtum – Community and development weekly update

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Qtum community and development weekly update
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On 30th July, Qtum put up a report of their weekly update on their official Medium blog that included all community and development related updates. Qtum is essentially a decentralized blockchain application platform that runs on smart contracts and the Proof-of-Stake [PoS] consensus.


On 24th July, Qtum’s core team attended the DAHO.AM conference that was held in Munich Germany. It is acclaimed as the largest pure technology conference for developers, startups, and corporate groups.

The conference aimed to bring together prominent, internationally recognized technology startups coming from various platforms such as blockchain, Artificial Intelligence[AI], and Internet of Things[IoT] to contribute innovative ideas to the audience. The fact that the concepts introduced had enormous quantities of potential, business use cases was an added bonus.

More than 1,000 entrepreneurs, developers, and corporate groups were in attendance with about 60 odd speakers who endeavored to engage the audience with their pioneering knowledge.

Qtum’s Patrick Dai, in his keynote, enlightened the audience on the multi-language support feature that they are working on for the Qtum x86 virtual machine and the Qtum enterprise version. Qtum’s lead developer, Jordan Earls presented the Qtum x86 Virtual machine and compared with the main software development ecosystem. He said:

“It will be providing developers with multi-language development and support tools, a more mature infrastructure, a reasonable gas model, and a self-upgrading dApps development platform, to create a strong basement for the next killer app.”

Core developers, David and Howard also exhibited the deployment of smart contracts on Qtum and instructed the participants on how to build apps established on the Qtum ecosystem.

Qtum is on AWS

The Qtum AMI [Amazon Machine Image – a special type of virtual appliance that is used to create a virtual machine within the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud] is available on Amazon Web Services [AWS]. It can be used by anybody who wants to start a blockchain, run a Qtum code or launch a server with Qtum pre-installed on it without a third party.

To enable easy updates, the Qtum AMI on the AWS includes Qtum and the solidity compiler [Contract oriented programming language] with the official repository. The AMI also comprises of development libraries and other tools that would allow anybody to create smart contracts as well as work on the desktop QT Wallet. The Qtum AMI also has a Qmix [a powerful development package] Integrated Development Environment [IDE] that launches itself once it gets booted.

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