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Qtum [QTUM] updates show rapid developments, network security kept as top priority

Akash Anand



Qtum [QTUM] updates show rapid developments, network security kept as top priority
Source: Unsplash

On 6th August, Qtum released its community and development updates list that informed users about the company’s releases and upcoming rollouts.

Qtum's tweet | Source: Twitter

Qtum’s tweet | Source: Twitter

Wenbin Zhong, the Core Development Engineer of Qtum talked about the peer-to-peer network and its technologies. He stated that the privacy and security are the key elements and elaborated on the absence of privileged nodes on the network and the transfer of user rights.

He stated:

“Bitcoin, as the original & the most mature blockchain ecosystem, benefits from its safe and stable attribute of its currency. However, that was not enough, the scalability problem of Bitcoin limits its application of blockchain technology. In order to achieve this goal and achieve more commercial applications of blockchain in the future, Qtum takes these limitations into account in its design, and combines the UTXO model of Bitcoin and the flexibility of Ethereum virtual machine.”

Zhong stated that Qtum is at a nascent stage now and the company and its infrastructure is still growing. He also said that the company is focusing on developing the QTum x86 and the enterprise version of the Qtum network that will be targeted at shopper networks and business models.

Qtum has also revealed that the company has partnered up with Etherparty Smart Contracts Incorporated, a Canadian blockchain company. Etherparty is a platform for blockchain software products, with a mission to simplify the creation of agreements between people around the world. 

Etherparty has also created Rocket, a platform where developers and entrepreneurs can come together to obtain funding for their projects. Rocket also allows users to monitor the real-time results of their projects and related fundings, making the process of application development more seamless.

The features of Rocket include:

  • The opportunity to create a token crowdsale very quickly
  • An easy to use interface
  • Active presence in the cryptocurrency product development

Lisa Cheng, the Founder of Etherparty stated:

“This is a great opportunity for both our organizations to work together on making Smart Contracts accessible to all kinds of people.”

Howard Yeh, the Qtum core developer also talked about the developments of smart contracts in the report and picked out the obstacles in the existing industry.

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