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Ripple at Silicon Valley Japan Platform [SVJP]; plans to disrupt Japan’s payment industry




Ripple at Silicon Valley Japan Platform [SVJP]; plans to disrupt Japan's payment industry
Source: Unsplash

As per the latest tweet by Ripple, they are at the Silicon Valley Japan Platform [SVJP] trying to bridge the gap between the valley and Japan and also trying to disrupt Japan’s payment industry.

Ripple’s recent tweet stated:

“At Silicon Valley Japan Platform (SVJP), an initiative to bridge the gap between the Valley and Japan, @emy_wng discussed how Ripple, along with Japan Bank Consortium, is disrupting Japan’s payments industry with #blockchain.”

Silicon Valley Japan Platform [SJVP] was an initiative that was established back in 2014 between the U.S. and Japan council to broaden and deepen the scope of ties between Silicon Valley and Japan through a variety of programs.

The lecture at SJVP was given by Emi Yoshikawa, who is Senior Director, Joint Venture Partnership, Global Operations at Ripple. Yoshikwawa stated:

“I will give a lecture on “The Transformation of international remittance by blockchain” at the study meeting of Silicon Valley Japan Platform (SVJP) this Wednesday.”

Ripple has been reaping the benefits of the hard work that they put in the bear market of 2018 ever since the start of 2019 as they have announced multiple new partnerships with major financial institutions around the world. As of now, Ripple is in more than 40 countries around the world and has more than 200 new partnerships.

Japan has always been very receptive of new and emerging technologies and the same can be said of Ripple’s groundbreaking technologies in the payment industries.

Apart from the SJVP talks, a Japanese lawmaker, Takeshi Fujimaki, a former banker turned politician and a representative of one of the largest opposition political party Nippon Ishin, recently mentioned that Japan is falling behind in terms of developments in terms of digital assets.

He even said that Japan will be left behind in the cryptocurrency race as Kenya and other South African countries are already getting implementations of Ripple’s technology.

Moreover, Ripple’s Insights blog stated:

“Japan Bank Consortium (JBC) — a collection of 61 Japan-based bank members brought together by SBI Holdings and SBI Ripple Asia — announced that it’s made progress to become production-ready on RippleNet.
Soon, Japanese banks will not only be quickly onboarded with minimal effort, but also easily connect to other member banks in Ripple’s network — furthering their reach with real-time global settlement.”

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Ripple: SCB Thailand asks crypto-enthusiasts to wait for announcement regarding XRP adoption

Namrata Shukla



SCB Thailand asks crypto enthusiasts to wait for announcement regarding XRP adoption
Source: Pixabay

The nascent field of cryptocurrencies has been seeking major mainstream adoption, especially from financial institutions. Ripple, the native company of the third largest cryptocurrency, managed to promote its services and would provide payment services to the oldest Thai bank, Siam Commercial Bank [SCB].

The bank however, has not confirmed whether it would be making use of XRP. The Bank had informed its approach towards blockchain technology in various industries and the XRP community rejoiced after rumours of XRP adoption surfaced. However, when a Twitter user asked about the bank using XRP, SCB replied,

“We will be using Blockchain Technology for ripple but as for XRP, you may have to wait for further announcement.”

However, another Twitter user, @_bjb, jumped the gun when he saw the following on SCB,

The user then shared that when he went to use the service, he was informed that the service will be available soon. SCB Thailand apologized for the inconvenience through a tweet and informed all users,

“The information about ripple transfer will be announced soon, we are sorry for the inconvenience.”

The bank also stated that at the moment, it was using Ria Ripple transfer for banks in Japan and that users and crypto-enthusiasts will have to wait for an official announcement.

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