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Ripple: Coil’s new video streaming platform Cinnamon integrates with ILP



Ripple/Coil/ILP: Coil announces video streaming platform, Cinnamon, integrated with ILP
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On February 21, Coil tweeted that they will be launching a video streaming platform, Cinnamon, on the Coil platform, which will be integrated with the Interledger Protocol [ILP].

Cinnamon video streaming platform will help content creators monetize their content with XRP. Coil’s tweet stated:

“We are proud to announce which will become a video-streaming platform with exclusive content for Coil members. Huge thanks to @Coil , @Interledger and @Ripple for making it possible. Stay tuned for more!”

Ripple acknowledged Coil’s progress in their tweet, which stated:

“The #XRP ecosystem continues to grow and expand! Built on the @Coil platform, @CinnamonVideo is the first video streaming platform where content creators are paid directly by their viewers. #Xpring #InternetofValue #blockchain”

Cinnamon will easily fit into Coil’s first product, a flat-rate subscription for consumers, which will allow them to support creators, breeze past paywalls, watch fewer ads, and unlock additional features and content.

Coil uses an open API called web monetization to pay websites in real-time. This allows websites to securely reward users who have web monetization enabled, creating a self-sustaining economy.

Coil was a started by Stefan Thomas, well-known for developing the Interledger Protocol. Coil focuses on refactoring the web economy and monetizing content for content creators on the web via micropayments. Like Wietse Wind’s XRPL [XRP Labs], Coil is also supported by Xpring as it focuses on building XRP centric projects. XRP’s 4-second settlement time on the XRPL makes it perfect for monetizing content on the web.

@hodor, a prominent contributor to the XRP community tweeted:

“@CinnamonVideo, I can’t wait to sign up for your video streaming service. Time to give YouTube some competition! Congratulations. 👍
#xrpcommunity #internetofvalue #xrpthestandard”

Another Twitter user, @ridingjapan commented:

“Great, can’t wait. Have a few 100 videos to upload and YouTube needs some competition with what’s is doing to content creators”

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