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Ripple Expands over Chinese e-Commerce market with LianLian




Ripple partners with LianLian
Source: Pxhere

Chinese e-commerce platforms are one of the largest in the world and Ripple plans of entering the market after they announced their recent partnership with a Hong-Kong based payment provider, LianLian.

The current issues related to quick and cheap payment processing would be solved by Ripple’s xCurrent system.

In an announcement yesterday, Ripple confirmed their partnership with the Chinese e-payments provider who already has more than 150 million users across China. Ripple’s xCurrent solution offers safe end to end tracking for banks.

In an Interview with the Director of joint venture partnerships at Ripple, Emi Yoshikawa, says,

“Cross-border payments related to China’s e-commerce market reached $1.07 trillion in 2017. There is a huge opportunity to make these payments quicker and more cost-efficient. …..will now be able to give merchants and consumers quicker, more cost-efficient payments into China, which they weren’t able to before”

Arthur Zhu, CEO of LianLian says,

With RippleNet, we will further enhance that experience and increase our market share by offering customers instant, blockchain-powered payments across the 19 currencies that we currently support. We look forward to working with Ripple to power payment flows between China and RippleNet members in new markets.”

What is Ripple?

Like Bitcoin, you send money globally but more instantly and cost-effectively. Payment providers from anywhere could integrate with the technology. Ripple currently has more than 100 customers around the world.

What is LianLian

LianLian International is a cross-border money service company based out of Hong Kong with aim to make payments instant and frictionless

We asked a few other e-commerce players on how they think blockchain solutions can help them.

Peter Wan, a Managing Partner at Cinque Payments, says,

“Blockchain solutions are essential for the e-commerce markets to work, recently we heard the shipping industry also plans to integrate their systems with blockchain solutions. RippleNet seems to be the answer right now but as technology evolves I’m sure the technology also evolves”

Yanfen Tang, Product Director of a Shanghai-based Payment corporation says,

“We are looking to evolve out of the primitive methods of settlement and integrating blockchain is becoming a priority in a lot of payment providers like us. We would love to explore blockchain solutions ourselves instead of integrating a third-party technology”

E-Commerce platforms in China have a net valuation of $700 billion in 2017 with big players like Ali Express, Amazon, and eBay.

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Satish Kumar is a contributing reporter for AMBCrypto. He is currently pursuing BBA from Ranchi University. Over the past couple of months, he has prepared marketing campaigns, technical news articles and wrote content for some exciting blockchain-backed projects.

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Has XRP decoupled from Bitcoin? Is it due to immense pressure from manipulators?




Hash XRP decoupled from Bitcoin? Is it due to immense pressure from manipulators?
Source: Unsplash

Opinion: Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, has had over ten years to grow. However, other altcoins did not have the liberty, due to which Bitcoin exerts its dominance over almost all altcoins in the ecosystem, be it Ethereum, XRP, or Cardano. The price of altcoins generally tends to rise if Bitcoin’s price surges rapidly. The same can be said about the downtrend as well, which is why altcoins are said to be coupled with Bitcoin.

However, the recent buzz on crypto-twitter is that XRP is on the verge of decoupling from Bitcoin. A Twitter user @XRPMOONSHINE tweeted:


In a very general sense, the comparison of the price change of XRP and BTC gives a crude understanding of whether the prices have actually decoupled or not. Hence, the daily chart attached below shows the price of BTC and XRP against the US Dollar and extends from August 2018 to April 2019. The price of XRP seems to be following a lag from the price of BTC and do not necessarily mean that it has decoupled.

However, there are timeframes where the price of XRP has moved completely unrelated to that of Bitcoin. For example, the meteoric rise of XRP from September 18 to 22 was far higher than the price pump of BTC over the similar timeframe; but the drop of XRP from November 18 to December 16 was exactly the same as that of BTC’s.

Furthermore, XRPMOONSHINE suggested that XRP price was being manipulated. He tweeted:

“It is being manipulated to keep it from rising. For example look at XRP/BTC pair. Keeping it under the down sloping resistance from .80 in September. Thats what I mean by Suppressed, Although im expecting a fairly large move to the upside before 4/24/19.”

The “idea” of the price of XRP being manipulated is not unpopular within the XRP ecosystem as Peter Brandt, a famed trader, suggested the same in one of his tweets.

Brandt tweeted:


XRP may have started to decouple from Bitcoin, but it surely hasn’t decoupled completely. The notion that XRP is being manipulated to keep its price below certain levels can also not be confirmed without proof.

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