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Ripple [XRP]’s new symbol gets growing support from the community

Aman Swami



Ripple[XRP] new symbol gets growing support from the community
Source: Pixabay

Over the past month, the internet has watched and listened as a grassroots movement to create an XRP symbol has taken shape within the XRP community.

In tweets, forums, and blogs, members underscored that Ripple is just one entity using XRP to solve real business problems around the world, and in this way, using Ripple’s name or logomark to represent the full breadth and depth of the XRP ecosystem doesn’t make sense.

The community also highlighted that this usage is incorrect, as both Ripple and its logomark only represent their private, for-profit company, and are protected elements of their brand. The community wants a symbol free of corporate trademarks that might one day be included in the Unicode Standard, like Bitcoin’s ‘Ƀ’.

Not only does Ripple agree that the time has never been better for XRP to get its own visual identity — one that captures the digital asset’s utility, speed, and independence — but they also want to show their support by leveraging their design and legal teams to propose an option.

The new XRP symbol they are proposing exemplifies the unique attributes that differentiate XRP from other digital assets. Its ‘x’ refers, in part, to XRP’s role in efficiently moving money across borders. An ‘x’ also mathematically suggests a multiplier effect — where entities are building on one another to create something bigger — the same way the community drives innovation with XRP and the XRP Ledger.

Up and down arrows represent sending and receiving — a value exchange, like the two sides of completing a transaction, and the possibility of increased connectivity across different entities. The organic shape of its curves is suggestive of the human form — a nod to the community that supports XRP and its ecosystem.

Most importantly, no one entity or business holds legal rights to this new symbol, and it is simple to draw, allowing for easy adoption by anyone.

As innovators build on the XRP Ledger and develop new use cases for XRP, this XRP symbol is now available for people’s use.

Ripple urges interested people to download their proposed symbol. They are also encouraging people to review the Github repository that hosts a wide variety of community-driven designs.


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Aman Swami is an Economics major from Christ University. He is very passionate about cryptocurrency and understanding of financial markets.


Tron [TRX] Main Net Syndrome – FODL or HODL – Sentiment Analysis – May 26

Vinod KA



TRON [TRX] - Sentiment AnalysisTRON [TRX] - Sentiment Analysis

The entire market has been down for the past week. The much-awaited bull run has alluded everyone and analysts predict this current loss in value will cost Bitcoin another month before it can regain value and reach back to $10K.

Just three days ago Bitcoin was comfortably cruising at the $8500 mark after dropping from grace at $9900 earlier this month. A break above $10,000 would as analysts call it made a “emotional” change in the bearish nature of the market and would have given the market the much-needed punch after the fall from the beginning of this year.

Sentiment Analysis is a segment which is the amalgamation and summary of sentiments from people from various walks of life which include journalists, investors, developers, skeptics and fanatics alike for the specific token. These views and sentiments are opinionated and only the most sensible and data-rich comments are quoted below.

Tron’s Main Net is just 8 days away and the whole “Tronverse” is waiting for something magical. TRON [TRX] at press time was trading at $0.072 to a token with a market cap of $4.7 billion witnessing a minor 2.2% increase in the past 24 hours which makes it the second highest gainer among the top 50 tokens according to their market cap.

Isaac Walls, a Bitcoin investor from Albany says,

“Tron has arrived folks, the Utorrent bitorrent partnership and Mainnet launch is just what us Tronics were looking for. Justin is not a kid anymore, stop treating him like one, he has delivered time and again. We are hitting 20 cents again and work all they way up to a dollar.”

Peter Gaffney, an altcoin miner from Tallinn says,

“I’m down with the ‘pursuit of dappniess’ and can feel the main net in my veins. Very excited for the launch but was expecting TRX to be already at 10 cents today and at 20 cents by 31st. 5 days to go, we still could do magic. We are only at a 5 billion market cap and with the coin burn whooohoo, we could kill EOS and maybe beat even BCH”

Ranjan Kumar, a blockchain developer from Delhi says,

“What are these fools upto? It gets added to Apple’s ticker the entire TRON world goes beserk. If Justin gets an underwear with Tron written on it then it will be news. Peeps, please look at the price, we are not even touching 8 cents. Stop fooling yourself, if a pump should have happened it should have happened now. So long losers, wait for 30th night when they take a dump on you.”

In conclusion, the mood is positive and a whopping 76% of the Tron respondents still feel that with 5 days to go there could be a major price action even if Bitcoin does not move up. People with this opinion felt that 10 cents to 13 cents would be a realistic target that they expect before May 31st. The other 24% felt that TRX will not pump anymore and that beyond the media frenzy there was no real substance; at least nothing enough to motivate people to buy TRX.


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Bitbns to support TRON [TRX] and EOS token migration – Know how to do it!

Prerana Sarkar



Bitbns to support TRON's token migration, know how to do it
Source: Pixabay

On May 26th, Bitbns announced on their official Twitter page to support the TRON migration and Token swap. Users who have held their TRX and EOS on Bitbns will eventually receive the migrated tokens after the mainnet launch.

Bitbns has been empowering more and more Indians to invest in alt-currencies for a long time. As they claim, it is a secure trading platform for fast and easy exchanges.

After TRON’s mainnet launch on 31st May, TRON will migrate from the Ethereum protocol to its own blockchain version, ‘vOdyssey 2.0’. EOS being a blockchain architecture has the potential of scaling millions of transaction per second and is also going to migrate to its own blockchain on the 2nd of June.

The official date for TRON token swap is from June 21st to June 25th. Only the snapshot date for EOS is announced as June 3rd. The token swap is said to be taken care of by Bitbns.

Bitbns recently tweeted:

Bitbns' tweet

Bitbns’ tweet

The following steps will guide users to know more about how it is done:

TRON swap

  • Deposit your ERC20 based TRX token before June 21st on Bitbns, by 11:30 pm.
  • Users can trade normally after that.
  • You should also note that the TRX withdrawals will be paused after the 21st of June and resume once and after the token swap is completed.
  • TRX deposit will not be allowed after 24th June.

EOS swap

  • Deposit the ERC20 based EOS token before the 31st of May at 10:00 pm on the Bitbns wallet.
  • Users can trade normally afterwards.
  • Any and all EOS withdrawals will resume only after the swap is completed.
  • None of the EOS deposit shall be allowed after 31st May after 9:00 pm.

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