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Ripple partners with RationalFX; acquires 180,000 new customers

Namrata Shukla



Ripple partners with RationalFX; acquires 180,000 new customers Ripple partners with RationalFX; acquires 180,000 new customers
Source: Pixabay

Ripple added another feather to its hat with a partnership with RationalFX. The Financial Conduct Authority [FCA] regulated foreign exchange company, RationalFX, announced that they would enable their 180,000 customer base to make cross-border payments to over 200 destinations.

According to Investinblockchain, the partnership was mutually beneficial as Rational FX would be able to reap benefits from services provided by Ripple like faster transfers and Ripple’s tools could benefit from the partner with a firm that carried out over $10 billion worth of transactions since 2005.

RationalFX informed their customer base that it would be using only xCurrent which enables companies to conduct cross-border, real-time payments with other members on RippleNet. RationalFX UK tweeted:

“We’ve partnered with #Ripple, to make your money transfers faster, easier and more secure. Join the thousands of clients currently using RationalFX to manage their international money transfers. “

RationalFX also stated that Ripple’s service would help them cut their operating costs. The company joined RippleNet over a year ago when they announced that they would be testing Ripple’s xVia platform to help firm conduct payments. Post this, the company expanded its usage of Ripple’s services with xCurrent.

Ripple has been in the news not only for its services, but also for its contribution to the field of education. Chris Larsen, Ripple’s Co-founder, and his wife Lyne Lam, donated $25 million in XRP to a university in California. The couple made this donation through Ripple Works, a private foundation that provides support to promising entrepreneurs at the San Francisco State University [SFSU] college of Business, according to an official announcement from the university.

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Bitcoin will likely be valued at $100,000 with a market cap of over $2 trillion before the end of 2021





Bitcoin [BTC] will likely reach $100,000 with a market cap of over $2 trillion before the end of 2021
Source: Unsplash

The entire cryptocurrency market seems to be on the brighter side of the market since the beginning of the year. A majority of the coins have recorded significant recoveries from their 2018 slump, a period during which most coins lost over 90 percent of their value, when compared to their all-time highs. Among all the coins in the market, Bitcoin [BTC] aka the digital gold, was noted to be making a massive comeback as the coin breached the $11,000 mark after nearly 15 months. The coin however, soon retracted to settle below the $11,000 level.

According to CoinMarketCap, at press time, Bitcoin was trading at $10,887.27 with a market cap of $93.549 billion. The coin recorded a 24-hour trading volume of $20.757 billion for the past 24 hours and saw a massive rise of over 17 percent over the past seven days.

Anthony Pompliano, Co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, predicted that the largest digital currency could rise to reach $100,000, before the end of 2021. Pomp added that he was around 70-75 percent confident in this prediction. He stated,

“As I have previously said, making predictions is difficult […] Part of my process as a professional money manager is forming a thesis (price target), identifying a timeline (date), and establishing a confidence level. And then constantly re-evaluating those three aspects of my thought process as I receive new information.”

Pomp however, listed six pointers that have to be understood beforehand. First, this prediction is not an investment advice, and people should do their own research before investing in the digital currency. The second is with respect to Bitcoin’s volatility, with Pomp remarking that since it was a highly volatile market, the coin could witness a significant fall before being valued at $100,000. He stated,

“I anticipate that there will be numerous 20-30% drawdowns from new all-time highs as the asset continues to appreciate in value. These mini-boom/bust cycles should not cause panic, but rather need to be understood as natural market dynamics whenever an asset gains significant value in short periods of time.”

Further, the partner of the investment firm stated that the rise would be driven by several catalysts. This includes institutional adoption, exchange-traded funds and retail product approvals, global instability, governments all across the globe manipulating currencies, markets and economy. He went on to state,

“The market cap of Bitcoin will reach $2+ trillion when Bitcoin is worth $100,000. This is less than 1/3 the market cap of gold and less than 1/40 the global money supply.”

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