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Ripple to leverage Xpring to support Forte’s idea of converting in-game goodies to assets

Namrata Shukla



Ripple's Xpring leverages from Forte's idea to convert in-game goodies to assets
Source: Pixabay

Blockchain technology has been widely recognized among the masses and in a new application of the tech, developers want to change the investment made by players to buy in-game items into assets. Wired reported:

“Companies like Andreessen Horowitz–backed Forte and Hong Kong’s Animoca, which invested in CryptoKitties last year, want to use blockchain technology to turn these ephemeral items into assets.”

Forte’s CEO Kevin Chou recently introduced the gaming community to the ‘freemium model’ and hopes to provide gamers with ‘real value on their virtual experience’. Chou said:

“Imagine a person who’s spending three or four hours a day playing a game and is plugged into the community, talking about what’s going on in their lives with their friends.”

The gaming industry enables players to buy in-game goods, however, they vanish as one leaves the game. Ripple had previously announced their support to Forte with Xpring, and now the company has announced their support for the new venture. Ripple’s official Twitter handle posted:

“There’s an exciting opportunity to leverage blockchain technology in the gaming world and we’re thrilled to support @forteplatform through #Xpring.”

Xpring has been working with Forte to embed interledger, Codius, and XRP in the platform and to maximize cross-chain interoperability, security, and liquidity. Xpring’s lead Ethan Beard, in a tweet, elucidated this new step taken by Forte and the massive opportunity for blockchain in the gaming space.

XRPL Labs has been providing developers like Wietse Wind and his team an opportunity to develop products for their ecosystem. Wind’s team recently launched XRP Payments and the team currently is working on other projects as well. Thus, it is not new for Ripple to support developers and lead the change.

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