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Ripple/XRP: Brad Garlinghouse, says he doesn’t consider Ethereum [ETH] as a competitor to what XRP is doing




Ripple/XRP: Brad Garlinghouse says he doesn't consider Ethereum [ETH] as a competitor to what XRP is doing
Source: Unsplash

Brad Garlinghouse, in Ethereal Davos panel, had a discussion with Joseph Lubin of the ConsenSys and Brian Behlendorf of the Hyperledger about the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Talking about XRP overtaking Ethereum. Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse said:

“This is a marathon and not a sprint and measuring the success of any platform in the day-to-day, hour-to-hour is a fool’s errand and I think all of the major platforms are working on interesting use-cases… and I think we are still in the nascent stages of this market. I don’t consider”

He continued saying that CoinMarketCap’s rankings sometimes show XRP as number two and sometimes its number three hoped that most people in the community agree with him.

Garlinghouse added:

“I don’t consider what Ethereum is doing in any way as a competitor with what’s going on with the XRP ecosystem. Is there some overlap on occasion? Sure, probably, but I think you’re going see things play out in a long time. I think mostly we are all up here aligned with , ‘we seeing the overall market health and mature’.”

Moreover, he said that Ripple is championed and that there’s a need for more transparency in the ecosystem. Garlinghouse moved on to talk about decentralization and said that the word in itself is “nuanced”.

In addition, he said that Bitcoin and Ether were usually considered decentralized but the mining aspects of it and the recent 51% attacks are some among the issues that make us question as to what decentralization really is.

Furthermore, he continued that these issues needed to be addressed head-on and illustrated what Joseph Lubin did recently was a step in the right direction.

He fended off the FUD of XRP being centralized saying that XRP Ledger was way more decentralized than mining based solutions, because of the nature of PoW and the centralization that recently happened in China.

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Ripple’s XRP reaches its highest market volatility since September 2018

Arijit Sarkar



Ripple reaches its highest market volatility
Credit: Pixabay

Ripple’s performance during the crypto-winter led many analysts to believe that there was only a very small chance of breakout for the XRP/USD pair, according to various technical analysis. While the cryptocurrency sported a consistent downtrend throughout 2018, September’s market volatility resulted in an unusual spike to $0.8 in trading value.

While XRP’s price was not able to maintain its seemingly one-off price rise, it traded throughout the year while maintaining a strong support at $0.27. At the same time, the third largest cryptocurrency had been crippled by contracted volatility, and the downfall of the market leader, Bitcoin [BTC].

Source: TradingView

Contrary to popular beliefs, Ripple’s XRP witnessed a major increase in its transaction volumes recently. Compared to the previous year, the cryptocurrency’s transaction volume has now almost doubled, hinting at the probability of a bull market for the token. At press time, XRP’s trading volume had risen by $1 billion, as investors continued to put their money into the XRP market.

While every market dip opens up an opportunity to accumulate XRP, the bull run is expected to take place as long as the XRP/USD pair’s value manages to steer over the ongoing support at $0.27. Additionally, the bullish trend is also positioned to retain its ongoing sideways trend, contrary to sudden alternating spikes in the past.

With the XRP market displaying more volatility and signalling more buyers, the coin’s market is currently positioned to make a 1400% jump back to its $3 value.

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