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Ripple/XRP: European Parliament member talks about the benefits of blockchain and EU’s stance on digital assets



Ripple/XRP: European parliment member talks about the benefits of blockchain and EU's stance on digital assets
Source: Unsplash

Eva Kaili spoke at a Ripple Regionals event organized by Ripple at a hotel in London. Eva Kaili,  a member of the European Parliament spoke about Blockchain technology and how it’s disrupting a lot of the sectors and gave an insight into her entry into blockchain.

Speaking at the event, Eva Kaili talked about how she faced a lot of pushback from the first blockchain conference she attended in 2014 just because she was a politician. She continued that this made her more intrigued and curious to dwell deeper into the technology and learn more about it.

Kaili went on to state,

I believed that if we were not positive, the resistance of the traditional players would only increase and could even kill a technology that had so much potential for good.”

She further stated that there is a huge contrast between then and now and said that the scenarios had changed quite a lot. In addition, she continued that the regulation of blockchain and digital assets was well received by EU banks and leaders from different financial institutions.

Eva Kaili said that the reason why they had not turned a blind eye to this nascent technology was due to two reasons, the first being the growing mainstream acceptance to this technology by leaders across the world and the second was a result of EU’s new approach to regulation.

The defensive stance taken by world leaders and countries has changed quite a lot. Blockchain and digital assets [cryptocurrencies] are being accepted and even looked into by many huge firms and institutions.

Moreover, the central banks and the government are considering these technological innovations to change the existing framework, especially when it comes to cross-border payments or remittance or payments in general.

With Ripple’s blockchain payment solutions, the payments are getting cheaper, faster and more secure than previously imagined, and all that is left to do is for the regulators to embrace it soon.

A Twitter user @alex32059821 commented:

“A big news release today would be great with the pumping going on right now.”

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