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Roger Ver calls out Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, says it’s an “unproven technology”

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Roger Ver calls out Bitcoin's Lightning Network, says it's an "unproven technology"
Source: Pixabay

On 27th July, Roger Ver, the Co-Founder of Bitcoin Cash [BCH] released a video on the official YouTube handle of and spoke about the Lightning Network and use cases of BCH. A part of the video gave an insight on what the BCH Founder thinks of the Lightning Network.

Roger Ver addressed Andreas Antonopoulos, a Greek-British Bitcoin [BTC] advocate and a host on the “Let’s Talk Bitcoin” podcast. Antonopoulos said:

“It is the idea that routing on lighting network is not a solved problem and that is absolutely right. In fact lighting network is still under heavy development and is in it very early early stages of development and most of the clients are still in BETA category. They’re pre-production software and even though you can run lighting on Mainnet it is still not really suitable for production use, there are bugs too..”

According to Roger ver, this was similar to the things he had been saying for years. He had earlier said that Bitcoin was working amazingly well and told the Lightning network developers, “don’t break it but instead they broke it in the intent of forcing everybody onto the lighting network, which is unproven technology that does not work yet. It has more than 99% chance of failing for payments over $100”

He further explains that it went from something that worked amazingly, to something where sending money to anyone around the world instantly for free has a 99% chance of failure if you try and send more than a $100.

One of the Bitcoin Cash supporters with Roger Ver sarcastically exclaimed, “Let’s risk a whole project [Bitcoin] just so that the black shrimp[Lightning Network developers] had a chance of making something that benefits them”

Roger Ver further stated that he does not understand why everyone is excited for Lightning Network. He said that “lightning network experience is way worse than what Bitcoin usage experience” was from 2009-2014. Until 2016, they made the blocks feel like they are reinventing the wheel, but in this case, the reinvented wheel is a square and it “hardly works”.

Lightning Network operates on top of a blockchain and is the second layer payment protocol. Theoretically, it is said to enable fast transactions between the nodes and has been raised as a solution to the scalability issues of Bitcoin. The current TPS [transaction per second] of Bitcoin is 7 and Lightning network aims to scale and increase it.

The whitepaper of Lightning Network states:

“If we presume a large network of channels on the Bitcoin blockchain, and all Bitcoin users are participating on this graph by having at least one channel open on the Bitcoin blockchain, it is possible to create a near-infinite amount of transactions inside this network. The only transactions that are broadcast on the Bitcoin blockchain prematurely are with uncooperative channel counterparties.”

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Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash’s [BCH] Roger Ver: Kudos to those who hijacked original BTC and made it expensive, complicated

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Bitcoin Cash's [BCH] Roger Ver: Kudos to those who hijacked original BTC and made it expensive, complicated
Source: Pixabay

Proponents in the cryptocurrency space have made it a point to push for the mainstream adoption of digital assets. One such proponent is’s Chief Executive Officer Roger Ver. In a recent podcast, Ver touched upon the reasons why Bitcoin Cash [BCH] was better than the current version of Bitcoin [BTC], while at the same time elucidated on the obstacles in the industry.

The BCH bull stated that,

“The key to being an investor is to invest in a good product before anyone else and that is what I did with Bitcoin all those years back. I got into Bitcoin because I knew that it would be useful in the future while at the same time bringing financial freedom to the entire world. Those are the same features that Bitcoin Cash has right now and many are saying that BCash is a scam and all that, to them I say that name calling is not an argument.”

Ver further spoke about the government clamp on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, claiming that the lockdown that regulatory bodies have over user’s money is actually a ‘hindrance to our progress as a species.’

According to Roger Ver, Bitcoin is a tool to separate the control of money from the state. He was also asked whether anyone could stop Bitcoin and its effects, to which Ver had his own suggestions. He said that if anyone wanted to hinder the world’s largest cryptocurrency, then the best way is to make it too expensive or too complicated to use. In his words,

“Becoming too expensive or too complicated to use is what has happened to the current version of BTC and is something that BCash is trying to move far from. I want to say kudos to the people who hijacked the original BTC product and the thing is a vast majority of the people do not realize what actually happened.”

Ver was in the news recently after he attacked the BTC camp, stating that it is toxic and full of censorship, trolling behaviour.

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