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Roger Ver might face a lawsuit for the “controversial” manner of propagating Bitcoin Cash [BCH]




Roger Ver might face a lawsuit for propagating BCH
Source: Flickr | Kmeron for LeWeb13 Conference @ Central Hall Westminster - London

Roger Ver, an early investor of Bitcoin and the CEO of will probably be facing a lawsuit for the “controversial” propagation Bitcoin [BCH].

Money Trigz a telegram user has recently created a group created for lawsuit/ victims and a bitcoincomlawsuit website as well. There are about 561 members in the group and all of them want to press charges on the portal for spreading wrong information to all its users saying that Bitcoin Cash [BCH] is the real Bitcoin [BTC].

Roger Ver is a well-known influencer of Bitcoin [BTC] and Bitcoin [BCH] but ever since Bitcoin Cash [BCH] announced its fork, Roger has started to propagate Bitcoin Cash [BCH] to be the real Bitcoin even more.

He has even taken it to an extent where his website shows users Bitcoin Cash [BCH] as Bitcoin [BCH] and Bitcoin as Bitcoin Core [BTC]. The misinformation has even led to a lot of users who wanted to buy Bitcoin [BTC] end up with Bitcoin Cash [BCH]. This has stirred up the majority of Bitcoin community where users want the website to be boycotted. Some Bitcoin [BTC] enthusiasts are even ready to donate for the lawsuit.

The creator of the group says:

“we have things going on behind the scenes and ALLOT of industry people dm us to help with lawyer firms recommendations and in different juri’s. there seems to be some serious merrit with a few of the approaches, cant say more now. send everybody to us that lost money using bitcoincom platform or wallet.”

Mohsen says:

“To admins, I’m really glad you came forward and made this group to support victims from roger scamming about bitcoin. Thanks God I’m not a victim and I always reported his scams. I’m welling to donate to help this lawsuit reach out and stop bitcoin dot com scamming ppl.”

Julival Reis, a Telegram user in the group says:

“Hello guys! how can we make donations! I’m from Brazil and I want to help you!”

John, another Telegram user says:

“This organized effort is going to proved an important counter narrative to the fraudulent information on his website. The existence of the suit is a constructive end unto itself.”

FourZeroOne 401 says:

“This is purely due the missleading information propaganda of lying/scamming people to believe what looks to be something but in reality it’s different. Which is kind of completely a right to lawsuit”

A reddit user px403 had a different opinion, the person says,

“Defrauded who now? BCH is nearly at its all time high. Even if someone did accidentally buy BCH instead of BTC (which I don’t think has ever actually happened in any serious way) they could just take the profits now and buy some BTC. Either way they certainly didn’t buy them from Roger. They probably bought it from Coinbase, who very clear about the difference between the two, or they bought it from the same kind of scam artist that tries to sell chuck-e-cheese tokens as Bitcoins”

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Andrea Pierre Jackson is a contributing News writer at AMBCrypto from December 2017. She has previous writing experience with major publishing houses in the UK and the US. Andrea currently does not hold any position in any cryptocurrency or its projects

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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    April 29, 2018 at 12:26 AM

    There are many copies of bitcoin out there.. none were made by a consensus of bitcoin developers. Therefore, none of them are bitcoin. Claiming a non consensus fork of Bitcoin is Bitcoin is clearly fraud.. Bitcoin Cash is a fraud.. A person owns the domain and is attempting ot use ownership of a domain to take over a brand. Where is the SEC and CFTC in this? They should have halted this behavior immediately.

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Bitcoin Cash’s [BCH] Roger Ver accuses Tone Vays of losing BCH vs BTC bet despite ‘cheating’




Bitcoin Cash's [BCH] Roger Ver accuses Tone Vays of losing BCH vs BTC bet despite "cheating"
Source: Pixabay

Bitcoin [BTC] has often been reprimanded by the Bitcoin fork coin maximalist due to its scalability, block size, and mining fees, among other things. The debate surrounding the digital coins at the joint edition of CC Forum and Malta AI & Blockchain Summit witnessed an argument between BCH’s Roger Ver and Bitcoin maximalist Tone Vays.

The fork coin enthusiast and the CEO of, Roger Ver, argued that the transaction fee in case of BTC was $3, which made it extremely expensive. However, Tone Vays, a Bitcoin core personality, said that he used the king coin frequently and had never paid more than $1 as fees to settle payments. This led to the CEO asking Vays to pull out his wallet and send him $5 worth of BTC. Subsequently, Ver placed a bet of $10,000 for any charity of Vays’s choice if the latter was able to send $5 with a transaction fee of 5 cents in 24 hours.

Tone made a transaction on-stage and later posted a victory tweet:

Responding to the above tweet, the CEO accused Vays of cheating and losing the bet in a new video. Firstly, Ver noted that the transaction did not clear within the day and added that it took ten hours to get included in the block. Secondly, he explained that Tone’s transaction was the “highest priority” [higher the transaction fee, higher the priority] in the entire ecosystem and was prompted by Slush Pool’s insertion. He said,

“I don’t know if Tone asked Slush, I don’t know if somebody else asked Slush, I don’t know if Slush did on its own. Maybe slush has a transaction accelerator thing where you can pay with a credit card to include your Bitcoin transactions in the block but anyhow Tone is the highest priority transaction in the entire block.”

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