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RussiaCoin – The biggest gainer in the past 24 hours with a 323.12% jump

Anoushka Shrestha



Russia Coin

At a time when all the other coins are plummeting, RussiaCoin (RC) is up over 320% in the past day and is now priced at $6.62 with a market cap of $55,465,540 (read – 55 Million).

This is a scrypt cryptocurrency Pow/PoS (Proof-of-work/Proof-of-Stake) currency using GDR. This currency seems to be positioned towards the Russian altcoin communities but of course is available to everyone around the world. There is little to no information about this coin on the webosphere, except for speculations from curious crypto enthusiasts, their website is rudimentary at best, providing no insights. All we can say is if you did have some RussianCoins in your “wallets’ that you bought on a whim, now is the time to sell them and get yourself that expensive Vodka you always wanted.

This altcoin came out of nowhere in the past 24 hours and has the crypto-community talking. Here is what people have to say

Market Speak

If you’re following #cryptocurrency, pay attention to #RussiaCoin…Meteoric rise today…upwards of 1500%! I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s worth checking out!” – Tami Nieto, a curious altcoin investor.

WTF is @russiacoin!?! This thing just gained damn near 1400% in the past 24hrs!!!! Can any altcoin experts weigh in on this!?” – Zhokar, another forum member.

Reacting to various comments calling this a scam, a junior member from Russiacoin’s development team says, “Blocktime will be 1 minute. Max PoW height = 40k. Detailed specification will be released before launchdate. Our team: We are 2 developers with +10y coding experience in embded devices. Actually we work with ADT framework for mobile applications and last project was pure cocoa touch framework based application for smartphone/tab.

Disclaimer – the above comment was edited only to weed out grammatical errors, content and context remains the same.

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Anoushka is a full-time journalist at AMBCrypto, passionate about writing with a degree in B.A. Combined Humanities. She holds no value in cryptocurrencies currently.

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