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Skynet gets Samsung officials on board, a ‘Terminator’ twist that will benefit humanity

Akash Anand



Skynet gets Samsung officials on board, a 'Terminator' twist that will benefit humanity
Source: Unsplash

On 16th July, the Skynet Open Network announced that the Samsung board of directors has joined the blockchain assisted neutral network. This news takes the already prominent roster of people associated with the company to new levels. The Skynet workforce consists of executives from Alibaba, Berkley, Qualcomm and Google with a lot more people set to join the team.

The Skynet website states that:

 “Skynet Will Address the Problems With Blockchain Adoption and IoT Functionality by Providing an End-to-End System Comprised of the World’s First Blockchain Chip and a HyperScalable IoT Blockchain Network. Billions of License Free Blockchain Chips will be deployed to devices around the world and connected by Skynet’s blockchain network, enabling the real-world infrastructure for blockchain technology while making Skynet the most adopted end-to-end ecosystem.”

The company aims to make the world’s first blockchain Internet of Things [IoT] chip that will enable devices across the world to connect with each other to enable intelligent communication. The infrastructure will have a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet and the chip will be based on the RISC V architecture that aims to replace the existing Central Processing Unit [CPU]s with a core that is compatible with the IoT ecosystem. Some features that Skynet claims to have are:

  • Embedded cryptocurrency wallets – This will enable users to take advantage of the network with the most stringent security measures.
  • Hash accelerations – The company claims that this will provide users the opportunity to work on the network faster than on conventional networks.
  • High-performance blockchains – “Devices will no longer have sporadic blockchain connections”, claims the company.
  • Automated transaction signings – Skynet states that this feature will make transactions faster and more secure for day to day activities.

Skynet’s Whitepaper states their vision as:

“Both the network and the core together will form a disruptive machine ecosystem where devices can achieve human-level performance and have the capacity to begin interacting with one another.”

The announcement about this update was met with mixed reactions on Reddit. Adrian678 stated that:

“Anything that starts with exaggerated claims about their future technology is most likely a scam / cashgrab. Scaling hasn’t been solved yet and these guys already paper solved it. Ignore the stupid claims of projects that claim hundreds of thousands TPS, they do that by centralizing their projects.”


With blockchain claiming to revolutionize mainstream industries, fields like medicine and automated transportation can look forward to massive positive development.

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