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South Asia’s biggest blockchain conference – World Satoshi Summit




World Satoshi Summit - South Asia's Biggest Blockchain Conference
Source: World Satoshi Summit

The World Satoshi Summit presents a platform that brings together 3500+ stakeholders worldwide under a single roof to ideate matter regarding the Blockchain Technology for all the people in and out of the crypto-space.

World Satoshi Summit brings together 3500+ global stakeholders under a single roof to innovate and ideate around blockchain technology. The summit will consist of workshops, smart contract sessions, keynotes, networking meets and more.

The summit will be held on 12th May 2018 and 13th May 2018 at the JW Marriott, Aerocity, New Delhi.

Why World Satoshi Summit?

Talking into account the massive financial disaster and scams disrupting the structured and so-called trusted financial system, there is a need for an alternative route that is backed by technology which is not affected by human greed and corruption.

The technology will not only make developing countries corruption free and highly efficient but will also revolutionize the whole system.

In order to encourage multiple parties and organizations to explore and leverage blockchain use in their specific domains, the summit aims at eradicating the information asymmetry in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Benefits of attending World Satoshi Summit 2018:

Over the years, mankind has been reshaped by many industrial revolutions that have changed the course of history. We are witnessing the emergence of a groundbreaking technology, a new revolution after the inception of the internet – The Blockchain.

By attending the WSS 2018, you will become a part of the history which will be the cause of a new arising technological revolution.

The global conference of 3500+ attendees offers you:

  • An opportunity to meet potential clientele – A network full of global stakeholders of the Blockchain and crypto community
  • To cross paths with the leading global corporate CEOs, startups and PSUs.
  • To showcase your startup to the right audience with the help of Nova-stride initiative that will pitch to VCs, HNIs, IBs, and Angels.
  • Learn to integrate Blockchain efficiently for better gains in your industry and business.
  • To become a pro at crypto-trading by learning the tricks-of-the-trade in workshops conducted by global traders.
  • Learn the effect of Blockchain in public and government sectors.
  • An opportunity to invest in start-ups with groundbreaking ideas; ICOs live airdrop.
  • Live sessions from experienced Blockchain Developers which will help you write your first smart contract.
  • Contribute to the Women Economic Empowerment initiative by hearing about women’s contribution to tech.

Key Organizers:

WSS 2018 is envisioned by Harmeet Singh Monga and Rajesh Dhuddu, founders of the Indian Subcontinent’s foremost Blockchain Special Interest Group under NASSCOM. Both of them are active participants of the South-Asian Blockchain and crypto community.

In addition, Harmeet Singh Monga is also the CBO of BlockSmiths, that enables governments and businesses with blockchain application in their businesses and PSUs. Rajesh Dhuddu is the SVP of Quatrro, an MNC that assists its clients to adapt to the latest technologies and he is a TEDx Speaker.

Keynote Speakers:

WSS 2018 presents some of the most popular Blockchain influencers around the globe to give inspirational keynotes regarding the role of the revolutionizing technology in rewiring the world economy at New Delhi, the capital of the world’s largest democracy.

The keynote speakers of WSS 2018 are:

Roger Ver:

The CEO of who started investing in cryptocurrency in its initial stage. He has also invested in startups such as and

Devie Mohan:

The founder of Turya; Co-founder and CEO of Burnmark and one of the world’s top 10 global FinTech influencers. An Indian-origin women role model in a male-dominant finance industry.

Richard Kastelein:

Founder of Blockchain News and an award-winning entrepreneur, Richard writes regularly about the emerging technology for various news publications including the Harvard Business Review and the Guardian.

Ted Lin:

Head of International Markets of Binance and an alumnus of the most reputed university, Cornell University, Ted has been a key instrument in the growth of the world’s biggest exchange platform based on market volume. Ted is acclaimed to be an expert in Product Management and Marketing around the globe by several experts.

Leanne Kemp:

Founder and CEO of one of the most well-known startup, EverLedger that leverages the blockchain technology in order to reduce risk and frauds for banks. Leanne is alumni of the most prestigious university, Harvard University and has spent more than 20 years in the tech industry. She is noted as one of the top speakers at events conducted across the globe on matters ranging from Blockchain to world trade.

Kumar Gaurav:

Founder and CEO of Cashaa and is listed in the top 100 most influential people in the world. In 2017, his venture raised about $18 million through its ICO.

Sally Eaves:

Sally is a well-known speaker on emerging technologies, digital transformation, social innovation and more. She is the official member of the Forbes Technology Council and one of the top influencers in the Blockchain world. She endorses women the in Blockchain.

Ross Smith:

Ross is the Director of Engineering at Microsoft and has over two decades of experience in the field of software development. Ross is well-known for being an expert in the area of Management innovation and is a known technology speaker worldwide.

Derin Cag:

Founder of Richtopia and co-founder of Blockchain Age, Derin believes in the role of emergent technologies. Derin is noted for being one of the influential speakers on key areas like Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

Become a part of a revolution, book your spot today for WSS 2018, the biggest Blockchain Conference in South Asia.

To know more about the summit, Click here!

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Satish Kumar is a contributing reporter for AMBCrypto. He is currently pursuing BBA from Ranchi University. Over the past couple of months, he has prepared marketing campaigns, technical news articles and wrote content for some exciting blockchain-backed projects.

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Blockchain Whispers launched the second season of Crypto Signals World Championship

Guest Author



Blockchain Whispers launched the second season of Crypto Signals World Championship
Source: Twitter

Blockchain Whispers opened the qualifications for its infamous, mega-popular Crypto Signals World Championship.

Last time there were 132 traders participating. Only 9 qualified, passing the strict Blockchain Whispers accuracy requirements. These are their results:

Source: Blockchain Whispers

Source: Blockchain Whispers

The trader who won the championship under the code name of b3y made whopping 1380.77% profit, for its followers in easy-to-follow trades, posted on Blockchain Whispers system.

What Is Blockchain Whispers Crypto Signals World Championship?

Top traders from all over the world gather to win the main prize. 100% of the income generated from their massive following of the signals.

Once the qualified traders spot the attractive trade, they post it publicly in Blockchain Whispers exchange-grade system which makes sure:

  1. You have enough time to follow the signal
  2. The signal is trade-able [no system overloads, enough time, Liquidity]

The followers automatically follow the trade they like and the system tracks the accuracy of each trader.

New about this round is Blockchain Whispers’ auto-trading, so you can just select traders whose results and method of trading you like and the system will automatically trade it for you.

There are three levels of the following:

  1. Free: you get to see about 20% of all signals, enough for you to witness accuracy and earn for.
  2. Paid-to-follow: for just 0.0062 BTC, you unlock 90% of the signals from the world’s best crypto traders. It is designed to make you really happy for being in crypto at this stage.
  3. Premium, the ultimate one: Blockchain Whispers’ premium membership where the winners are clearer and we know a small group in the finals, that is, having an incredible edge. Blockchain Whispers will show it only to their premium followers which besides the signals get some private investment opportunities.

Blockchain Whispers is a group, infamous for calling at the beginning of the bear market, saving their followers a lot of money before the dip. They announced in bear 2018 the 20x coin Pundi X making its followers twenty times the investment among other wins. For all their achievements check these two pages: proof and premium.

If you are a trader that has what it takes or a trader who wants more green, more winning profitable trades, you should check Blockchain Whispers Crypto Signals World Championship now. Especially now in these uncertain times in crypto, every advantage, edge, profitable advice helps.

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