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Stellar Lumens [XLM] now available on Koinex – Rocketing to the moon again?

Himanshu Kumar



Stellar Lumens [XLM] now available on Koinex - Rocketing to the moon again?
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Stellar Lumens [XLM] has been in the spotlight for holding ground as one of the top 10 coins in the market. With Stellar being a non-profit venture seeking to help under-privileged folks with financial solutions via their blockchain technology, it has a larger market audience and also has claims to have superior technology that is faster and at a lower cost than most.

Koniex, an Indian cryptocurrency platform recently announced the addition of Stellar Lumens [XLM] to their platform. It is India’s most advanced exchange platform supporting multiple cryptocurrency transactions on just one single platform.

Koniex official Twitter account recently tweeted:

“#StellarLumens trading goes live today (March 10, 2018) at 3:00 PM. Happy Koinexing! :)”

Stellar Lumen's 2018 Chart

Stellar Lumen’s 2018 Chart

At their launch back in 2014, they were called Stellars and a whopping 100 billion of them were set free. They evolved to be called Stellar Lumens [XLM], a native asset offering from the folks at Stellar. The Stellar Lumens were initially a branch of the Ripple’s eco-system but soon carved out a path for itself as an independent offering. Some call Lumens the ‘Ripple Killer’ and people opine that it just does the job better, cheaper and faster.

Lane Rettig, an Ethereum investor and supporter says:

“I want to share a secret about why ethereum is unstoppable. It’s 1am and in the next room are two ethereum team members who each slept ~3 hrs last night. We already worked 14 hrs today. They’re energetically discussing work, no sign of slowing down. These people do not rest. I trust no other currency other than ethereum.”

Osei J, a cryptocurrency enthusiast says:

“From a value investing perspective, you can’t go wrong with Stellar. $XLM #Stellarlumens #HODL”

The year started out great for this coin, with its value at just a dollar but soon like for every other coin, it was a downhill journey. But unlike other currencies, the Lumens [XLM] has risen in market cap and now sits at position 8 in the global currency market. Stellar has partnered with some great organizations such as IBM, KickEx, Keybase to name a few recent ones.

A lot of speculators see this coin as an underdog slowing inching its way up, very steadily.

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