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Switcheo exchange tests the waters with the launch of new APIs, prepares for V2 launch

Akash Anand



Switcheo Exchange tests the water with the launch of new API's,prepares for V2 launch
Source: Unsplash

On 20th July, Switcheo’s official blog announced that they have launched the company’s new trading and ticker Application Programming Interface [API]. The company has done this as a pre-release to the launch of Switcheo Exchange V2. Switcheo is an exchange platform that is based on NEO, the cryptocurrency.

The Switcheo API uses a REST architecture, a type of computational architecture that defines certain limits and parameters used to create web services or products. The company has also revealed that they will be conducting an API Development contest with a reward of a million SWTH tokens.

The competition is set to occur between 25th July and 31st October. The company believes that this will help users take more interest in the launch of the API and also to build a bigger Switcheo user base. The company has given a list of suggestions to the users on how they can test the network and also on areas where they can contribute. Some of them include:

  • API SDKs or wrapper libraries for the user’s favorite language
  • Trading or arbitrage bots
  • Statistic dashboards
  • Integration of the company’s API into existing trading bot libraries

Recently, the company integrated Ledger services into the platform where hardware wallet integration was the one thing that users were asking for. The Ledger application allows users on the exchange to transfer the user’s tokens from Switcheo to the Ledger Nano S.

NEO commented on the partnership saying that:

“Switcheo also announced details of the Community Giveaway segment of its V2 Launch Event. The launch events will offer the community the chance to win prizes through a range of different contributions.”

The announcement of the API launches was met with comments on Twitter.

OmarGodDotCom, a Twitter user commented:

“Exciting! Just give me the 1 million tokens. I will make sure they have well looked after.”

At the time of writing, NEO was trading at $33.36 with a market volume of $87.92 million. NEO has been making a steady incline to break into the top ten club of cryptocurrencies as the coin rests at number 12 right now.

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