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The Verge [XVG] team clarified all speculations as the countdown for unmasking begins

Sthuthie Murthy



The Verge [XVG] team clarified all speculations as the countdown for unmasking begins
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The entire crypto community, especially the Verge family has waited for this day. As the news is still fresh about Verge’s mysterious partner which was supposed to be revealed today, the core team posted a letter to the entire audience publicly expressing their gratitude and explaining how have they evolved and passed through the stages from seed to revolution during the entire mystery tie-up journey.

Around the beginning of March, the team was approached by a new partnership with the prospects of them adopting Verge to their business. Without second thoughts, Verge grabbed this opportunity assuming and hoping this to be their big break.

With their initial focus on providing a safe and private trading experience to the users and much more, they have faced their share of trials and tribulations before escalating from a small independent movement to something much bigger.

This anonymous partner is not yet been unveiled and according to their statement, the partner owns one of the largest payment processors on the internet with 100s of businesses routing their payment traffic via them. They will support the XVG currency by rolling out a global marketing campaign with undisrupted efforts throughout the year.

The biggest obstacle after both the parties came to consensus was regarding the funds, summing up to a whopping 75,000,000 XVG which would cover integrations costs – payment gateway network and websites, marketing campaign, international press releases, news coverage, and ledger Nano/trezor hardware integration and much more.

The core team says:

“We at Verge Currency want to take a quick moment to thank each and every individual in our community whether you were able to support our crowdfunding initiative, or not, for sticking with us and supporting our project through all of the ups and downs we have experienced. We are all extremely excited about the future and the challenges ahead. We believe that this is the first major step in achieving our dreams.”

The identity of the partner will finally be revealed at 10 am EST with an official press release, as the entire world awaits it.

Tyler Schmidt, a Twitterati says:

“How does one of the largest payment processor on the internet only handle payments for several hundreds of businesses? Sounds like a small payment processor. I’m just pointing out that processing payments for hundreds of companies don’t describe a large payment processing company. Sounds like a small payment processing company. I hope all the hypes are worth it, it better be.”

Savant, an XVG trader said:

“All the buy the rumours and sell the news people are out. It’s only HODLers here!!! And day traders, that price is nothing compared to what it’s going to be tomorrow. Buy buy buy XVG!!!”

Marx, an XVG holder tweeted:

“Feel sorry for those who sold XVG during FUD. Common verge, keeping finger crossed. We believe this is the best privacy coin, please, Dont let us down.”

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