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Timeline for VeChainThor [VET] announced!

Priyamvada Singh



Timeline for VeChainThor [VET] announced!
Source: Pixabay

Today, VeChain in the wake of its mainnet launch of VeChainThor, tweeted the timeline of the event. VeChain is a global enterprise level public blockchain platform. Its biggest goal is to connect blockchain technology with the real world. The company is also interested in taking part in rebuilding governance structure and financial models with the integration of advanced IoT.


On June 30th, three things will take place. Authority Masternode deployed Mainnet will go live, VeThor will be forged post the generation of Genesis block, and the snapshot on Ethereum and X-Node Monitoring will be done.

July 9th will see two things happen – enabling of VeChainThor mobile wallet and X-Node Binding service will become available.

According to VeChain, from mid-July till the end, a lot of events are set to take place – Exchange VeChain Token swap will become available and VET on VeChainThor will start trading. By the end of July, VeChain will provide ongoing token swap service after the exchanges complete the token swap.

Finally, on August 1st, X-Node status monitoring will resume on the VeChainThor Blockchain and the rest of August will be used to integrate VeChain token integration with Ledger.

El Jeffe, a crypto-enthusiast commented:

“Do we need to store our VEN on an exchange for it to be converted to VET? By when?”

Banpollution, a VeChain follower also asked:

“Hey guys! Very excited. Can you please provide details on where to keep VEN tokens? MEW ok? Exchange? Which one(s)?”

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