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Trdot Wallet’s address balance drops by a whopping 99% in two days; community members cry foul




Trdot Wallet address balance drops by a whopping 99% in two days. Is it a scam?
Source: Pixabay

According to research published by LongHash, Trdot Wallet’s address balance dropped by 99% in two days, and reached $775 million TRX on 13 February.

Trdot Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that was launched on 16 November, 2018, claiming that it was “created” and “supported” by Tron. Moreover, LongHash’s research posted a graph of TRX’s price vs the wallet balance from November 2018 to February 2019.

Source: LongHash

The graph showed that the Trdot Wallet reached a maximum capacity of 1.2 billion TRX on 4 February, 2019, before slipping to 700 million TRX. One Tron address stood out due to the massive TRX stored in it, and LongHash hypothesized that this could be where investors’ money was being stored.

It was observed that the TRX balances in the wallets started decreasing after 18 March. The research further stated,

“The TRX balance of the address dropped from 685 million TRX to approximately 2 million TRX in two days. That’s a total withdrawal of USD$15 million based on the current TRX price.”

Upon further analysis, it was noted that the 2 million TRX that was withdrawn was split into 10 different wallets, with approximately 68 million TRX in every wallet except one. The chart attached below gives a detailed look at those 10 wallets.

Source: LongHash

Additionally, there isn’t any concrete proof linking Tron and Trdot, except for the details available on Trdot’s Twitter handle. Several Tron users in the community have come forward to question if Trdot is a scam.

@lanjohnson8, a Twitter user commented,

“Hello Justin, What is @wcdfgvggg TRDOT Wallet Can you explain it? TRDOT is the official wallet for TRX???”

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