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Tron Foundation announces integration with Loom Network

Yash Rajan



Tron's interoperability with Loom Network might help increase TRX's reach
Source: Pixabay

Tron has been in the news lately, especially after CEO Justin Sun won a charity lunch with legendary investor, Warren Buffett. It’s in the news again after an its integration with the Loom Network was announced. Tron, which is highly regarded as a leader in the world of DApps, will now be more empowered to efficiently utilize the power of networks and expand its operations.

The integration will rely on each other’s technology, as Loom has offered its blockchain network to Tron, in exchange for Tron’s DApps. Tron’s previous work on solidity smart contracts and similarities between the two made it easier for PlasmaChain developers to integrate them. Solidity smart contracts consist of a library of smart contracts, with TronBox layout.

Now, Plasma will be able to reach out to a wider user base after initiating the aforementioned integration.

Tron’s official statement said,

“Today we’re proud to announce that the TRON integration is officially live - making this the second chain we’ve integrated into PlasmaChain after Ethereum.”

This diffusion will help Tron users utilize DApps based on PlasmaChain. This will also help Tron in terms of value and acceptability.

A few months ago, BitTorrent had integrated with Tron. Supporters of the Foundation were pumped after reports surfaced that users will be able to host or receive storage over personal computers around the globe by 2020.

This integration could be a step towards Justin Sun realizing his mission of both TRX and BTT tokens taking the cryptoverse by storm.

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