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Tron [TRX] adds TronPay to its roster; cryptocurrency enters top 5 league on Blocktivity

Akash Anand



Tron [TRX] adds TronPay to its roster; cryptocurrency enters top 5 league on Blocktivity
Source: Unsplash

Tron’s march to adoption has gained another spring in its step with Justin Sun, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Tron Foundation, announcing new partnerships and developments.

On November 9, Justin Sun revealed that TronPay Wallet was officially launched. The application which was developed by DAppPlay, a Tron community developer, acts as a Chrome extension wallet that supports the Tron network. The Tron officials have also stated that TronPay is available in multiple languages, a move aimed to target the global audience.

Post the announcement, Adam Lousz, a Twitter user commented:

“Tron warming up before the true storm.”

In other developments, Tron announced that the cryptocurrency is available on Blocktivity. The announcement stated:

“#TRON is available on @Blocktivity1 that believes in one way through which you are able to consider a particular blockchain project is its Market Cap. With more than 50% of American users, it is able to present a clear picture of the value of various coins that are available.#TRX”

The Blockchain Activity Matrix put forth by Blocktivity also shows that Tron is fourth on the list in terms of network activities. Tronics were also ecstatic about the fact because Tron was even ahead of Bitcoin [BTC] on the list. Tron had also entered the realm of online gaming recently as evidenced by the foundation’s partnership with NeoWorld. According to Tron, the partnership aims to ensure the strengthening of the cooperation within the Tron community. NeoWorld stated:

“Here in the 3D virtual environment, players explore new frontiers, create skylines, pursue careers and build wealth, legends and legacies from scratch, just like in the real world. NeoWorld is a social platform where players could not only chat and have fun but also establish an amazing network of business or personal connections, maybe even forge a community and run for election.”

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Bitcoin’s [BTC] security is 100 times more than that of Bitcoin Cash’s [BCH], says Litecoin creator





Bitcoin's [BTC] security is more than a 100 times than that of Bitcoin Cash [BCH], says Litecoin creator
Source: Unsplash

Charlie Lee, Creator of Litecoin [LTC] and Managing Director of Litecoin Foundation, spoke about projects that allocate mining rewards to developers, in an interview with Laura Shin for Unchained Podcast. He also opined about whether Litecoin’s vision still remained the same or not.

On projects that allocate a percentage of the block reward to developers, Lee stated that it was “okay” as long as the project developers were transparent on this subject, adding that in some cases, this was “needed”. He further stated that it was hard to find developers for Litecoin since, there were not enough funds to pay these developers.

[…] we work on raising money and using money to pay for developers but unlike ICOs or other projects we just don’t have millions sitting from selling our ICO tokens to fund these developers. So, yeah I think projects that do that it’s kind of needed […]”

However, Lee stated that for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin that really want to become decentralized money, there cannot be any centralized actions like using mining rewards to pay developers.

This was followed by Lee speaking about Litecoin’s vision and the coin’s use case. On this, Lee stated that the current vision was still “very similar” to the old one, seeing Litecoin as a complement to Bitcoin. He added that Litecoin’s raison d’être was not to replace Bitcoin, unlike some other coins that claim to be the better version of Bitcoin.

“[…] I think it’s trade-off. So, a lot of people don’t talk about the trade-offs people talk about how they have fees are cheaper […] people in support of Bitcoin Cash constantly talk about how Bitcoin Cash transaction fees are like a hundredth of that of Bitcoin but, you get what you pay for right […]”

He further added that Bitcoin’s “security was more than hundred times” that of Bitcoin Cash, irrespective of the hash rate being more or not. Lee remarked that one cannot “attack Bitcoin,” whereas Bitcoin Cash could be “eas[ily] be attacked,” adding that this factor was very important and also the reason for cheaper fees.

“[…] same for Litecoin alright. Litecoin is cheaper and the security is less than Bitcoin […] so people who actually move lots of money they would want to use Bitcoin and I think that’s fine like Litecoin can compliment Bitcoin perfectly fine […]”

Lee stated that this was the reason he agreed with Lightning Network, arguing that it was good for both Bitcoin and Litecoin. He stated that Lightning not only helps them scale, but also enables cross-chain atomic swaps, allowing people to swap two different coins instantly and easily in a decentralized manner.

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