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Tron [TRX] community has a huge tie with the BTT community, Justin Sun




Tron [TRX] community has a huge tie with the BTT community, Justin Sun
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Justin Sun, the Founder and CEO of Tron Foundation, spoke about the reason the Foundation decided to create a new token for BitTorrent [BTT], during the latest livestream. He also spoke about its benefit to the Tron community and TRX holders.

Sun stated that all the Tron token holders would be allocated with the BitTorrent token, as mentioned in the white paper. He stated that the token would be airdropped to the community, adding that this would be the first step and an “important” one to the community. He said:

“I think the TRX community has a huge tie with the BTT community. So this is the first thing, I think this is the direct connection and then the second thing is BTT used Tron Network to to use transfer span the BTT token.”

He went on to say that the BitTorrent token would bring about a “huge attraction” from the current BitTorrent user base, which, according to him, consists of tens of million of users. He added that these users would eventually be interested in the token system, and could step into the cryptocurrency space.

“They will get the TRX wallet and then they will also get into the Tron Community. I know right now we have like millions of people in the Tron community but I think this is just the start because in the future we have hundreds of millions people have billions people in the community. So this is just like the the first 1% of them”

Sun further stated that BitTorrent brand is “more familiar” with the current internet user base and that the BitTorrent community is already “more familiar” with BTT. He went on to say that the current 99 billion TRX cap is not enough to be distributed to the current BitTorrent user base, stating this to be the reason behind the inception of the BTT token.

“So, that’s also we cannot announce and also is in the white paper we will airdrop the BTT to the existing patrol users so they can also benefit and the stars will try BitTorrent protocol and and our new features in the protocol. Also, the airdrop is not going to be huge amount so if you really get interested in BTT […]  you’re definitely welcome to join The Binance launchpad to start you invest in the BTT token.”

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