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Tron [TRX] DApp weekly report: DApp roster continues to increase as hype for games decreases

Akash Anand



Tron [TRX] DApp weekly report: DApp roster continues to increase as hype for games decreases
Source: Pixabay

Tron’s [TRX] efforts to push cryptocurrencies into the mainstream realm have been quite evident. The latest updates and developments in the realm were mentioned in the latest Tron DApp Weekly Report, which covered the organization’s progress in the DApp and applications department.

The report stated that over the course of the last week, 10 new DApps were added with a weekly growth rate of 5.9%. The new DApps were mostly game and game DApps. The number of smart contracts reached 448, with a weekly growth rate of 5.9%, maintaining steady growth. Tron further stated,

“According to the data from, Tron’s DApp daily users fluctuated between 40,000 and 50,000 in recent weeks and were in a relatively stable state. In order to break the deadlock in the DApp ecosystem, some DApp developers are beginning to focus on the gameplay and strategy of DApp, trying to make a breakthrough in gameplay. We believe that in the second quarter, Tron will gradually launch more DApps with a variety and higher maturity.”

Tron also covered the economic aspect of the DApp ecosystem as evidenced by the report. It revealed that an average player on the Tron ecosystem spent $102.4 a day, a number that is much higher than traditional game applications. The Foundation admitted that the hype for DApp games was fading, causing a dip in average spending on games.

The Justin Sun led company made it a point to create partnerships and tie-ups to ensure the propagation of the industry, as shown by the report. Last week, DDEX and the decentralized exchange with whom Tron collaborated, officially released the beta version. This became DDEX’s second decentralized exchange deployed on the public chain after the Ethereum public chain.

Tron’s latest acquisition BitTorrent was not far away from the news either, with Justin Sun talking about a new hybrid method to integrate the BitTorrent token with Tron. Sun said,

“We are currently working on a new live/social media app and looking for ways to integrate BTT on it! By doing that we aim to empower a new generation of content creators to distribute their content without a middleman and offer a very authentic channel for the fans to connect with their idols and the content creators with their audience.”