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Tron [TRX] Hard Fork: Updates, fixes and changes revealed

Namrata Shukla



Tron [TRX] Hard Fork: Updates, fixes and changes revealed
Source: Pixabay

Tron [TRX], the ninth largest cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap successfully launched its highly anticipated hard fork on February 28. The update was launched on the same day as when its biggest competition, Ethereum [ETH] launched its own Constantinople hard fork.

The Odyssey 3.5 upgrade included the much talked about multi-signature features along with new account management options and performance improvements. The Tron foundation released a document that helps users understand the new upgrade.

According to the blog’s ‘Multiple signatures support and different permissions support in the account’ section,

“Each permission has a threshold and can be managed by different accounts and each account in a permission has a weight.”

Every transaction that will be created in an account will require authorization by a permission account. Furthermore, these transactions will require a signature from the accounts in the permission.

“The signatures are valid if the sum of weight of all signed accounts is equal or greater than the threshold of the permission.”

This transaction will be declared invalid if the signatures are not saved, according to the report. The blog added that the upper limit of energy can be adjusted automatically by the current state of the network and be used to develop a new mechanism to listen to event messages from a queue.

The update has solved various issues reported by users over time, which includes solving the compatibility problem between backup and DUP_WITNESS. Apart from this, the update optimized duplicate check of transactions while also increasing the processing speed.

The blog further mentions other changes that have been brought via the update,

“(#1893) ADDRESS and ORIGIN instruction security improvements
(#1929) Improve the partial UNKNOWN execution results of the smart contract to a more detailed error type”

The blog further informed users about log optimization and changes on the HTTP interface made. The founder and CEO of Tron Foundation announced the launch of the hard fork that brought along the Odyssey 3.5 update on his Twitter handle,

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter