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TRON [TRX] surges with a 60% hike before their Test Net Launch

Sthuthie Murthy



TRON [TRX] 50% upsurge before their Test Net Launch
Source: Pixabay

There is a very noticeable surge in TRON’s [TRX] price while the countdown for Test Net launch is left with only 7 days more. TRON has gone up by a huge margin to hit a price of $0.046. On an average, TRON has gained 59.26% and 29.71% in the past 7 days and 24 hours respectively.

Justin Sun, Founder of TRON's tweet

Justin Sun, Founder of TRON’s tweet

Justin Sun tweeted earlier:

“This is just the beginning! TRON Test Net Launch Countdown: 7 days, 168 hours, 10000 minutes, 605000 seconds!”

Benjim, a TRX day trader commented:

“He has already said it will be a gradual burn similar to ripple.”

Adam, a TRON follower tweeted:

“Tron will hit 1 $ for sure!! Look at the roadmap and most importantly the reason why Tron exists!!!! I remember when so many people were bashing the coin. Good Luck TRON, I would love to see TRX reach $5 making me a millionaire.”

Simons, a Twitterati said:

“I bet a lot of people saying all these good things now, were talking shit like 2+ weeks ago. After 2 weeks they will start the shit talks again. It is so ridiculous.”

Few enthusiasts on Reddit shared their views about this news. Here is what they have got to say,

Hussein Khan replied to another user who stated the positive surge in prices were because of the Upbit listing rumor:

“Top of FormI don’t think it is because of the listing because nothing happened to the price when Bittrex listed TRX. I would think that it’s due to test net coming in a week. Nevertheless, fingers crossed.”

Fazeel also addressed the same:

“I’m not sure if this is what people are reacting to but it’s possible considering the gains to STORM after being listed on Upbit. Hopefully this continues and everything goes well. This could mean more goodnews for us.”

Marina Sandra stated:

“I think if it holds after test net launches, Tron could see a good growth when main test launches. If not, it is just like buy the rumor and sell the news. I do hope that it will hold after test net launch.”

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