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Tron [TRX/USD] Technical Analysis: Cryptocurrency’s bullish high seems to be wearing off

Akash Anand



Tron [TRX/USD] Technical Analysis: Cryptocurrency's bullish high seems to be wearing off
Source: Unsplash

The tumultuous cryptocurrency has seen its highs and lows over the past week and the resulting price fluctuations have been consistent across the cryptocurrency charts. Popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH] and Tron [TRX] have all received a mixed bag of sorts in terms of the prices. The Justin Sun led company has been on quite a roll with multiple announcements and updates coming out of the company stables. Although the TRONics were delighted with the recent price hike, the current scenario seems to be a tad different.

1 hour

The trend lines show a visible downward trend with the sideways price movements stabilizing after the massive bullish spike. Tron had held a support of $0.0249 which was consistent for a couple of hours post which, it dropped to its current support of $0.0246.

Another major pointer that the trend line has revealed is that the support after the bull run has settled higher than the six days prior to Tron rising to $0.0273. The MACD and the signal lines have crossed over multiple times with the MACD histogram almost flat, indicating a sideways movement of the prices sprinkled with some bearish pulls. The MACD graph coincides directly with the price chart and is tending towards the bear’s realm.

1 day

The Bollinger bands are showing a consistent pipe-like shape which is indicative of the absence of a price outbreak. The bearish trend is clearly seen on the bands which have maintained is shape but has been depressed in terms of price. Tron’s price movements have stayed between the up[per Bolliger band and the lower Bollinger band, a sign of a sustained price movement.

The Relative Strength Index [RSI] shows Tron maintaining a close relationship with the overbought zone. The day’s price has stayed consistently between the overbought and oversold zone. The past month, according to the charts showed the cryptocurrency tending more towards the oversold zone.

The RSI also shows that even though Tron has maintained a healthy relationship with the overbought zone, the bear’s clutches just does not seem to let go of it completely, bringing the price back down towards the oversold line.


Tron seems to be headed towards a path peppered with slight bearish drops in a majoritarian sideways price movement.

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WAVES/BTC sees dramatic drop to reach 1 Satoshi on Binance exchange due to a massive sell order




WAVES/BTC hits a dramatic drop to reach 1 Satoshi on Binance exchange due to a massive sell order
Source: Pixabay

Waves, the 29th largest cryptocurrency, hit lows against BTC on April 17, and users speculated that this could have been due to a massive sell order.

Waves, at press time, was trading a $2.71 with a market cap of $270 million and had a trading volume of $15 million. However, on April 17, the price of Waves hit rock bottom due to a massive sell-off similar to one that Ethereum witnessed a few years back.

Source: TradingView

As seen in the above chart, the price of Waves against BTC hit exactly 0.0000001 BTC, which amounts to 1 Satoshi. The volume for the said candle is also massive, further confirming a sell order of massive amounts. The coin has since increased by approximately 3% against Bitcoin in under 24 hours.

Crypto enthusiasts on Twitter couldn’t hold back their opinions as one user, @BitBitCrypto tweeted

“- $WAVES did not trade at 1sat, it traded at 10sat
– It is still a great project and with a huge potential
– This sell order has nothing to do with WAVES (the project)
– This trade wasn’t done on Binance web cause you can’t place this low, it was API
– I didn’t buy it at 10 sat”

Another user @BITCVIX tweeted:

TradingView commented on this matter saying:

“Something strange is always happening in the #crypto market”

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