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Tron [TRX] users spent $31 million on DApps in a day

Namrata Shukla



Tron [TRX] users spent $31 million on DApps in a day
Source: Pixabay

Tron [TRX], the tenth largest coin on CoinMarketCap has been bearing the wrath of the bear over the past few days. However, the Tron community has regained momentum after Tron DApps registered $31 million in user spending recently. The news came after Tron network exceeded 2 million mainnet user accounts. This development was considered exponential as Tron mainnet is still in its nascent stage.

The first spike was reportedly observed on 6 March, when Tron managed to register $46 million transactions against EOS and Ethereum, which reported $11 million transactions and $2 million transactions, respectively.

According to Misha Lederman, a prominent proponent of Tron, the growth noted was more than double the amount spent by EOS and Ethereum DApps combined. Lederman added,

“The highest ever number of transactions on TRON DApps was also recorded, surpassing 2 million txs$TRX $BTT.”

Tron DApps are leading the world of DApps and the Foundation is aiming to add 200 DApps on its network in 2019. This was a part of the update issued by a popular member of the Tron community [Tronix], who added that DApps were at an early stage, and the performance was better than they had hoped for. @TonColony tweeted,

“#Tron is expected to have 2,000 DApps on its network by the end of 2019.
That’s about 10x more DApps than there are currently on the $TRX network.
Can’t stress this enough – #TRX DApps are in their INFANCY right now.
What will the things look like EOY? What about 2020? 🤔”

In the recent DApps weekly report, the Foundation had noted that Tron DApps continued to register 39% of total transactions. DApps transactions rose to 940,000, accounting for 39% of the total transactions, the report noted.