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Tron [TRX] weekly update; Japanese community gets closer to the Tron foundation

Ajay Narayan



Tron [TRX] weekly update; Japanese community gets closer to the Tron foundation
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On 24th September, Justin Sun, the CEO and Founder of Tron Foundation released its weekly report on Twitter, which covered all the various projects undertaken by the Tron Foundation. The weekly report also covered the updates and events conducted in the Tron community.

Technical Development: Work Completed and Work in Progress

According to the report, improvements were made in the structure by adding hardware information detection and time datum test for nodes. Over the course of the last week, the Tron Foundation added a proposed paging query function. The wallet was also updated with a completed account-system related unit test.

The report confirmed that the structure of the foundation was going to be updated by adding improvements in the TVM test cases. The report also showed that the wallet is set to undergo an upgrade with a complete multi-signature related unit test. A UPnP test was conducted on the network

Community activities

The report also gave a detailed explanation of all the activities and changes that were adopted by the Tron community.

On 15th September, TRX tokens were listed on the Exodus wallet which is a desktop wallet designed with a built-in exchange function for more than 1000 trading pairs. The latest EXODUS 1/60 version also equips 40 built-in TRX trading pairs.

On 18th September, the Japanese community was introduced to the third episode of the Tron series introduction. The main aim of the series was to introduce TRON and its members to the Japanese community.

Market Transactions:

On 16th September, a Russian media agency Forklog released an article on Tron. The article stated that Bittrex Exchange will add USD/TRX and USD/LTC trading pairs. Bittrex had also established an international department and opened a new platform in Malta. Bittrex Malta is a digital asset trading platform which functions with the help of Bittrex’s trading technology.

The report also stated that Tron will be listed on Kucoin with TRX/USD trading pairs. The Singapore based global cryptocurrency exchange platform aims to offer a convenient and highly secure digital assets transaction and transfer. The Tron foundation also announced that TRX/BNB trading pair was also listed on Binance trading platform.

On 19th September, Tron was also listed on the Bitbay trading platform. Bitbay, the third largest digital asset exchange in Europe, recently announced the withdrawals, deposits, and exchange for four trading pairs which included TRX/EUR, TRX/USD, TRX/PLN, and TRX/BTC.

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