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Tron [TRX]’s Justin Sun – “July 30th we will launch one of our secret projects”

Ranjitha Shastry



Tron [TRX] 's Justin Sun- "July 30th we will launch one of our secret projects"
Source: Unsplash

The Tron mainnet launch is ongoing and Justin Sun who was present at the live streaming spoke about their genesis block and a secret project that they have scheduled on July 30th along with the official launch of the Tron “Virtual machine”. One of the avid viewers of Tron found an “easter egg” [unexpected or undocumented feature] in Tron’s genesis block that read:

“A new system must allow an existing system to be linked together without requiring any central control or coordination”

Justin Sun said that is an interesting verse they have written inside their genesis block. They have borrowed it from Tim Berners Lee – the inventor of  “World Wide Web”. Sun said their idea is to make internet decentralized “again” and for this, they are trying to insist on Tim Berners Lee’s idea. Placing this verse on their genesis block ensures that everybody understands that “The Tron Foundation” is working to base their idea on the original idea suggested by Lee, which Sun calls as the “genesis block of the internet itself”.

While speaking about the importance of Virtual machine that is scheduled to be launched on the July 30th he also revealed about the “secret project”. He said:

“I think one of the most important values of Tron is we delivering our products and mission on time. So as you see, we delivered our testnet on the March 31st, our mainnet on may 31st, and officially are launching our mainnet on June 25th. The next very important milestone is July 30th- we will deliver our official virtual machine. All the decentralised exchanges and applications on the Tron platform are plugged into the Tron ecosystem. July 30th we will launch one of our secret projects”

This “secret project” he said, will result in a 100 million active users using Tron platform in the future and that they are eagerly looking forward to launch this project. He added that the “secret project” will be more significant than the mainnet launch that’s happening today.

Talking about the virtual machine he added that it will give power to the developers to make Tron better. While the Mainnet delivers the blockchain, the virtual machine is what delivers the “operating system” and this is an important aspect for the developers to work on a decentralized network. Sun said:

“I think July 30th will begin a new era for Tron”

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