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Tron [TRX]’s Justin Sun pushes for better developer experience with new proposal

Akash Anand



Tron [TRX]'s Justin Sun pushes for better developer experience with new proposal
Source: Unsplash

The cryptocurrency market’s rapid crash has dissuaded a lot of investors and users prompting rapid the people involved in the cryptoverse to sell their assets. During Technical Analysis, the Relative Strength Index shows that most of the cryptocurrencies are closer to the oversold zone than the overbought zone, a sign of the selling pressure being more than the buying pressure.

Tron [TRX] has also been a victim of the bear attack, with the Justin Sun led cryptocurrency seeing a marked rise and fall on the charts. In the latest tweet, Sun, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Tron Foundation stated that:

“I have created Proposal 7 to increase our energy limit and support #TRON, developers. This proposal allows them to have lower fee and cost with better experience! Plz vote for Proposal 7!”

On the Tronscan website, the proposal content aims to “modify the total energy limit to 250 billion”. Sun has also routinely stated that users need to be kept as the top most priority and that the Tron network is far more superior compared to the Ethereum network. Some users online were not fully appreciative of the move, with Micky H, a Twitter user stating:

“If u ain’t a developer I don’t think he gives a shit!”

In another major development, BitGuild, a blockchain gaming platform, strengthened its partnership with the Tron Foundation. One of BitGuidl’s products, Bitizens announced that:

“Bitizens, and the world of Bitropolis is moving to a new home on the TRON network. To facilitate this transfer, we’ll be taking the portal and the Bitizens game offline for maintenance.”

Tron also exhibited its achievements over the past week in its latest weekly report. The report showed that the number of dApps has increased to 28 in the last week with the addition of multiple gambling games.

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