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Tron [TRX]’s Virtual Machine to prevent problems that plagued Ethereum Network

Ranjitha Shastry



Tron [TRX]'s Virtual Machine to prevent problems that plagued the Ethereum Network.
Source: Pixabay

Justin Sun in the “independence day” live streaming gave updates about the new Business Union [BU] that they have just established. This Dapp has already delivered a game called the “crypto stripper“. Sun mentioned that they have plans of delivering more decentralized games in the future with their game partners like

The Tron representative mentioned the following Tron Virtual Machine attributes:

  • Architecture design: Designed in a pluggable manner, Tron virtual machine’s middle layer will be compatible with more than one Blockchain, and is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine [EVM].
  • Ease of use: Tron indents to provide a comprehensive set of ideas to support developers in developing smart-contracts quickly. Tron will also publish many smart-contract libraries for developers to use. Developers can not only use specific applications but also build more contract libraries to help other developers.
  • Security: Keeping smart contracts in mind and investigating the same on the Ethereum Network, Tron has added advanced features that are intended to scan the smart contracts that the developers will deploy onto the Network so that the developers can catch the vulnerabilities earlier and prevent all the problems that plagued the Ethereum Network.

Using all these attributes, any developer can become a “smart-contract developer” on the “Tron virtual Machine”.

The official launch of the Tron Virtual machine is scheduled on the July 30th. The live stream gave the viewers a look at the optimistic future of Tron and some of the viewers placed their opinions on YouTube while watching the live stream.

Juan Lopez, a Tron independence day viewer commented on Youtube:

On Election day the coin will pump due to the Elections and voting up and buying coins to Win”

nick georgopoulos, a Tron independence day viewer commented on Youtube:

“we need to see somthing new instead of repeating same shit.”

houssem benabdallah, a YouTube user commented:


Leen Stefess, another YouTube user commented:

“Crash i dont think tron wont crash anymore after 31 july.”

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