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Tron Virtual Machine: Deeper insight into the development and dApp ecosystem




Tron Virtual Machine: Deeper insight into the development and dApp ecosystem
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On 30th July, Tron Foundation launched the test version of the Tron Virtual Machine. The launch is marked as the most historic moment for Tron, according to Lucien, the CTO of Tron. The CTO took over the conference following Justin Sun’s announcement of Tron’s secret project and spoke about the TVM development and the dApp ecosystem building.

The Tron Virtual Machine is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine and developers can shift from the Ethereum platform to the Tron platform for ‘almost free’.

The Tron dApp ecosystem is divided into 3 parts:

  • Development Tools
  • Engine Tools
  • 3rd Party Tools

Development Tools:

  • TRONWeb – Equivalent to Ethereum’s web3.js
  • TRONLink – Similar to Ethereum’s Metamask
  • TronTruffle – Similar to Truffle
  • Tron Remix – Tron’s version of Remix

These tools are the requisites for the developer to develop an entire dApp. Although Truggle and Remix have pros and cons, the foundation is combining their features in order to make the feature easier to be used by the developers.

The other features include TronScan which is similar to and TronGanache which is similar to Ganache. The foundation will also be including an additional feature, local block explorer which makes the testing on the virtual local setting easier for the developers.

Moreover, the foundation will also be providing 20 different game templates which can be referred by the developers to create a dApp of their own. The foundation enables the developers to create a game like Fomo3D by providing the easy to use tools and various templates along with detailed documents and tutorials.

Engine Tools:

  • Cocos2d
  • unity3d
  • laya
  • Egret
  • SDK

Tron Foundation will be working with the engine suppliers in order to work on developing engines and public chain SDK. This would enable developers to develop more complex games and settle payment after each game or at the end of the day, thereby ensuring that the TPS is not too high.

Additionally, the foundation’s main agenda would be to differentiate Tron from Ethereum, allowing the developers to create games which are more sizeable and expand the Tron dApp ecosystem.

3rd Party Tools:

  • Loom network
  • Supports Tron

Like the Ethereum Loom network which carries some of side chain data from the Ethereum MainNet, the Foundation is also planning on reaching out to Loom Network. This is because it is popular among the developers as it provides a user-friendly API interface. This, in turn, allows the developers to develop the project in a more convenient way. The Tron Loom Network will pave way for convenient dApp development for all the developers.

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