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Tron’s Justin Sun again: TRX hodlers invest to create a better world!

Ranjitha Shastry



Tron's Justin Sun again: TRX hodlers invest to create a better world!
Source: Pixabay

Justin Sun’s tweeted today in what looks like an effort to indirectly thank the TRON hodlers. He tweeted with a percentage analysis of what seems like results of a survey for the reasons that drive interest in cryptocurrency? and TRONIX Enthusiasts voted 42% for investing in a better world.

Justin Sun recently tweeted:

“Our #hodlers are two times more likely to invest in #cryptocurrencies like $TRX because they want to create a better world. Join a truly visionary community. #TRON

Justin Sun's tweet | Source: Twitter

Justin Sun’s tweet | Source: Twitter

This percentage analysis shows two sets of tables, one which represents the overall analysis and the other representing the TRONIX Enthusiasts. The overall results probably represent the whole crypto market which includes all other currencies, whereas the other table represents only TRON hodlers views for the given question.

Justin Sun highlights in the comparative analysis that TRON investors invest in TRX because they believe that they are investing in a better world.

Only 10% of TRONIX voted for the option ‘Just want to make money’ in comparison with 25% under the overall analysis. However, the source of this percentage analysis is not been revealed by Justin Sun.

The options included:

  • Decentralised currency
  • Non-inflationary currency
  • Anonymity
  • Banking for the poor
  • Borderline payments
  • Not interested
  • Other reasons

Manny Perez, an investor, and a Twitter user commented:

“can’t lie @justinsuntron. I am in it for the money. Han Solo style. I believe in you and #TRON but can care less about Internet, etc. I want VIP access to DisneyWorld.”

Bluethundr “NOT giving away ETH”, a crypto enthusiast commented:

“Hey. I HODL #TRX. But what does #Tron actually DO? Still trying to figure that one out.”

Langdon, a Twitter user commented:

“I believe in tron because I understand how most things today like data sharing video sharing just makes Google and companies like that money and not the real owners. That is why tron will succeed.”

BritAmer LovinCritic, a Twitter user commented:

“If Tron don’t move up in figures at least a month after fully operating, then imma start wondering, until then I’ll just wonder.”

TRON market cap now stands at $2,713 billion and the price is at $0.041. It continues to see a downfall of -13.27% over the past 24 hours.

TRON [TRX] trade history [7days] | Source: CoinMarketCap

TRON [TRX] trade history [7days] | Source: CoinMarketCap

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