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Tronscan V2 provides benefits to TRON [TRX] Super Representatives

Prerana Sarkar



Tronscan V2 provides benefits to TRON Super Representatives
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The upcoming Super Representative Election that was announced to be held on 26th of June is supposed to elect 27 Super Representatives who will help in the network’s growth. The official website of Tronscan giveaway possibilities to the representatives by letting them manage the information that’s being published, in order to gain more voters.

The Super Representatives are supposed to handle transactions happening on the network and produce nodes. There are added rewards to the elected 27 representatives. With more and more exchange platforms like DragonEx, IDAX, Liqui Exchange, Bithumb and Upbit supporting the TRON community on the mainnet launch scheduled for 31st of this month, the network is bound to boost their global ranking.

Earlier on May 17th, the TRON Foundation on their Twitter page announced:

Tron Foundation's tweet

Tron Foundation’s tweet

Later on May 21st, they updated saying:

Tron's recent tweet

Tron’s recent tweet

To know more about the steps to be a part of the Super Representative Elections, follow this link.

The following information considers the user having an existing Github link. Once you visit the official re-designed web page for Tronscan, the main page has details about the number of running nodes, the number of transactions in the past hour, block height and the price in USD.

The front page of Tronscan desktop version looks like this:

Tronscan Desktop Interface

Tronscan Desktop Interface

Scroll down the page to find the ‘voters page’:

Tronscan Voters Page

Tronscan Voters Page

The user needs to log into their Tronscan account using a private key. Once you are logged in, open the account to see the label “Representative” below it. You can then set your Github link there. By editing files in the repository on Github, one can manage the content posted on Tronscan.

You can also view information on the representatives, the health of the network, and also check the node that has the best productivity. You can also create your wallet using Tron Explorer Wallet that lets you vote for Super Representatives, transfer tokens to another account and acquire Tron power with their new features.

The recent update on the web page states:

“Open your wallet on Tron Explorer without needing to share your Private Key in the browser!”

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