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UNICEF Australia uses Monero [XMR] mining to raise funds

Rajath Kumar



UNICEF Australia uses Monero [XMR] mining to raise funds
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UNICEF Australia is seeking help from its supporters to raise donations through Bitcoin mining as an alternative way to fund its causes.

The United Nations Children Fund [UNICEF] is a United Nations [UN] program headquartered in New York City that provides humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers of developing countries. UNICEF is located in 190 countries and territories.

The Charity recently unveiled the HopePage, which would allow Australians to provide help and hope to vulnerable children by keeping the page open when they are on their computer or laptops. Examination of the page’s source code shows that it is powered by AuthedMine, an alternative version to the Coinhive Application Program Interface [API] used to mine the Monero cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrencies mined will be turned into fiat money and donated to UNICEF Australia which is to be used to save the life of children by providing them with basic necessities like drinking water, food, and medicine.

UNICEF’s page showed about 1500 people donating computer power at the time of publication.

The Charity allows the users to select the output of energy they are willing to donate for mining. They also assured that the process would not store any private information. The charity also emphasized that more time spent on the page, the more power will be donated which will help in solving more algorithms.

Tony Andreas Tang a UNICEF employee says:

“We are transparent on the fact we are borrowing computers processing power and provide the ability to choose how much power is donated.”

UNICEF also states that:

“Mining is perfectly safe for your computer, If an induvial is worried about power consumption, he/she can turn  down the amount of processing power they are donating.”

Luis Fernandez, a Twitter user says:

“The first ethical use of browser mining I have seen.”

Kavidu, another Twitter user says:

“UNICEF is fundraising through in-browser cryptocurrency mining: Taking control of one’s browser to mine cryptocurrency has a somewhat of a negative connotation, but UNICEF Australia is seemingly doing it for good cause.”

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Rajath Kumar is an intern at AMBCrypto. He became aware of the crypto-world through gaming and has been a part of it for two years now. Rajath does not hold any value in any cryptocurrencies or its projects.

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