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VeChainThor secures data and documents through INPI Asia and ITP collaboration

Ranjitha Shastry



VeChainThor secures data and documents through INPI Asia and ITP collaboration
Source: Pixabay

On June 8th, VeChain Foundation made an official announcement that INPI Asia and ITP have signed an exclusive deal with Jakarta’s national government and other private sectors for using blockchain technology towards securing data and documents.

VeChain's post on Twitter. Source: Twitter

VeChain’s post on Twitter | Source: Twitter

On June 5th, INPI Asia and ITP conducted a press conference together in Jakarta to introduce a solution for validating data and documents. This is achieved by using the latest Nanotechnology Digital Identification and Blockchain Digital Services.

This collaboration validates data and documents via VeChain Thor blockchain using their proprietary KryptoCloud, DocKrypto, and KryptoMobile products. Information will be stored on these servers and will be secured using Blockchain.

On their website, they added:

“Adding a public blockchain provides a trust layer to the digital data ensuring the history and originality of the data cannot be altered (immutable). This transparency in digital information is needed to prevent any type of counterfeiting or forgery.”

This form of digitization of physical security feature enables suppression of the act of counterfeiting paper-based documents, by linking paper documents with digital security through superseding analog-type security features. This alliance also provides for full transparency for any changes in the documents and its content.

INPI Asia also stated:

“This new solution can potentially be implemented by any government entity or corporation and lead the way to a broader digitalisation of the society. Businesses can move forward to the next level of future application of technology while at the same time providing them new revenue and value-producing opportunities.”

INPI Asia is a company that provides a fundamental revolution in securing documents and digital identification by utilizing an unprecedented combination of nanotechnology, secured digital technology and photonics technology creating a new type of digital identification solution.

ITP [Indo Teknologi Persada] which was established in 2015 offers a comprehensive solution in product traceability, product authentication, and digital identification. They partner with different technology companies for brand protection and digital identification, these companies use attributes like advanced micro printing know-how, software platform in track and trace, mature R&D ecosystem, and digital identification using forefront nanotechnology.

Crypto_Kid, a Twitter user commented:

“I’ve signed my personal retirement partnership with vechain. Glad you have my back guys. Cheers.”

Ryutza, another Twitter user commented:

“I want to see how far can vechain go in 2018 ! Keep up the good work!”

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