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Verge [XVG] debit cards to release, Redditors speculate and Verge hints

Simran Alphonso



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Verge [XVG] has been hinting the release of its much awaited ‘Debit card’ facility. The coin recently on social media, congratulated Litecoin [LTC] and TokenPay’s partnership, whilst hinting about its new plan.

Verge’s official handle on Twitter tweeted:

“We would like to congratulate our partners @tokenpay for their historic partnership with @LTCFoundation. That being said this brings us one step closer to #XVG debit cards.”

Crypto Boss, a Twitter user commented:

“How does that exactly bring us closer to Verge debit cards? Those were coming anyway. It’s all getting more vague to me with all the partnerships.”

This discussion was escalated to Reddit, where Redditors started their speculations and put forth their views.

CubanMiner, a crypto enthusiast, and Redditor started the discussion by saying:

“I told you guys the Verge debit cards are coming. Knock it all you want, Verge is a money maker!”

TokenPay's announcement | Source: Reddit [cropped]

TokenPay’s announcement | Source: Reddit [cropped]

kalashnikovkitty9420, a Redditor commented:

“I hope it keeps going up that 20x last bull run was nice. Worst case scenario I have a lifetime of pornhub premium paid for which still isn’t a bad thing lol right?”

[This comment by the Redditor is in regards to the partnership incurred between Pornhub, the adult porn site, and Verge currency.]

This is not the first time Verge’s Debit card has been the tittle-tattle of the crypto world. Verge on their Twitter handle had given the teaser of their upcoming XVG debit cards in May 2018. The company stated that it had acquired WEG bank, a German bank that provides financial technology related solutions and offers loans at lower interest rates.

WEG had stated on their website that the bank has made good connections with the modern financial world. They have announced that TokenPay and Verge partnership has invested, and holds 9.9% of the bank.

Verge had a downfall in the past few months, as the coin left the group of top 30 and currently ranks at #38 on CoinMarketCap. Irrespective of its falls, the coin is trying to get back up and as speculated would gain popularity due to its upcoming ‘Debit Card’ plan.

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