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Verge [XVG] releases developer updates; Verge to Bitcoin Core version 0.13 rebasing completed

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Verge [XVG] releases developer updates; Verge to Bitcoin Core version 0.13 rebasing completed
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On 1st September, Verge [XVG] tweeted the recent development updates of the team on their official Twitter handle.

Vergecurrency Development Update | Source: Twitter

Vergecurrency Development Update | Source: Twitter

In a Medium post, Core Developer Swen van Zanten stated that the team has begun work on the Insight API client. The client will be used to communicate with hosted Verge nodes.

Further, Zanten mentioned that Insight API client which is built particularly for Bitcoin by BitPay, can now be used with Verge. The upcoming codebase of Verge will be fully compatible with Bitcoin.

The API clients will be set up as individual packages each specific for one programming language. By making it language specific and modular, the team intends to contribute to open source projects, he stated.

He went on to state that the package will be available for download on their GitHub page under MIT licences. The packages will be published for TypeScript, Swift & Java initially. However, the packages will share a similar API definition, eliminating the need for users to learn 3 different APIs.

In the blog, the developer also posted screenshots of interfaces created for TypeScript and Swift version. The team has been working on the Insight API as it is a requirement for their upcoming iOS, Android and Desktop wallet.

The team also announced that their code rebasing is in its final stage. Zanten reveals that the team has finished rebasing Verge to Bitcoin Core version 0.13. Moreover, the team will move into concentrating on Bitcoin Core version 0.17.

Explaining what rebase means, he stated:

“Anyone can fork Bitcoin Core, change a few lines of code, and have a new coin. Since Verge has been around for a while, and we have our differences, the challenge has been to merge those differences onto the latest Bitcoin Core.”

Zanten claims that features like Tor, multi-algorithm, stealth addressing, are the things that distinguish Verge from Bitcoin Core.

Moving further Zanten mentions that the team has also been working on Wallet Keys. The Wallet keys have been created structurally. Through this, the team aims at covering commonly used cases regarding handling user funds.

The team has integrated the hierarchical structure of the wallets into their library which will allow easy managing of wallets by self. This feature will allow users to distribute their funds into multiple accounts and chains, he concluded.

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