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VISA Crypto: Financial heavyweight hunts for cryptocurrency and blockchain expert




VISA Crypto: Financial heavyweight hunts for cryptocurrency and blockchain expert
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Payments giant, Visa, is eyeing the virtual currency realm and is looking for someone to spearhead its entry. The Foster City-company recently put out a job listing on Smart Recruiters, and is looking for a full-time Technical Product Manager for Visa’s FinTech division.

Cuy Sheffield, a member of the company’s partnership’s team, stated that this role would require the candidate to understand the nature of cryptocurrencies in the retail realm. Through his 17 March tweet, it was understood that the financial services giant was focusing its efforts on integrating its services with digital currencies.

His tweet stated,

“Any talented PMs interested in the intersection of crypto and retail payments? We are hiring for a new team focused on building products for fintechs that support digital currencies”

The description for the position states that the candidate should be familiar with cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology world. Additionally, applicants must have professional contacts with influencers in the field. Finally, Visa wants the candidate to build “new products for Visa to deliver value to fintechs looking to support cryptocurrencies.”

VISA aims to build a product strategy around the decentralized currency world, and the candidate will be required to build a “roadmap,” and collaborate with key players in the field to facilitate the same. Cryptocurrency and its impact on retail payments will be studied by the chosen applicant, in order to build the aforementioned strategy.

Further, the company’s Head of Crypto will be directly supervise the technical manager, giving them a significant say in the company’s cryptocurrency efforts.

Back in October 2018, Visa’s CEO, Al Kelly, had said that cryptocurrencies will be a viable option for the company to venture into, in the long-term. Digital assets were more of a commodity than a payment vehicle, he had added.

Now, with Visa on the hunt for a cryptocurrency expert to spearhead the financial giant’s payment push, the time for virtual currencies to become a “payment vehicle,” seems to have arrived.

The Twitter crypto-community was abuzz with this news. My2Sats [BTC/LN] stated,

“Now this is a paradigm shift! 🤯”

Bitcoin Badger had a piece of advice for Visa,

“they should use Bitcoin network, safe and sound and liquid 😎”

However, some were not very excited by the integration. Jeff Rigby stated,

“This doesn’t excite me in the least. Ideally when it comes to crypto payments the incumbent processor will be replaced. If Visa begins accepting crypto (which they will) their excessive fees will simply transfer over. What’s the point??!! Out with the old, in with the new.”

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Cardano’s focus is on staying loyal to ecosystem’s scalability & interoperability, says Charles Hoskinson

Arijit Sarkar



Charles Hoskinson shares Cardano's vision to enable scalable and interoperable crypto ecosystem
Source: United States Air Force

As numerous developments continue to change the face of the cryptocurrency space, IOHK’s CEO Charles Hoskinson shared Cardano’s latest innovations in its ecosystem through another one of his AMA sessions. While the entrepreneur expanded on the expected launch of its Haskell and RUST testnets, the AMA was also focused on sharing his aggressive plan to enable Cardano’s smart contracting.

Hoskinson attributed the vision’s ultimate success to three main factors, which include ability to train new developers, the model itself and Cardano’s ability to interface with the broader functional programming community. He supported this idea by saying,

“This is a huge untapped community full of credentialed and qualified programmers. By interfacing our foundation with that community, we should be able to see a lot of really interesting DApps produced for Cardano rather quickly.”

Comparing Cardano’s credibility to the infamous JAVA platform, Hoskinson claims to have made 20 reiterations of the project “because programming language theorists are perfectionists and they really want to get this done right.”

While the Cardano team continues to work towards the deployment of Shelley and Marlowe on the testnet, Hoskinson also hinted at some incremental upgrades that will be expanded upon in the next AMA, as well as on the company’s official website. Out of the many iterations, Cardano’s primary focus will be to stay loyal to the ecosystem’s scalability and interoperability across other crypto-based ecosystems.

Hoskinson also mentioned that his past contributions to Ethereum helped his team explore the design space of the code, which ultimately helped them develop a seamless ecosystem focused on user experience and ease of use. He added,

“People want to keep regulators happy. That said, we will also begin exploring some privacy ideas and how we can also increase privacy on these transactions.”

In addition to backend development, it is also important to note that Cardano’s [ADA] crypto-adoption has allowed it to dethrone Tron [TRX] from the 11th position, with respect to market cap.

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