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Why Bitcoin Cash [BCH] broke $1800 – Propaganda or Hard Fork?

Anoushka Shrestha



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Over the past couple of weeks, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] has been in the spotlight with stories like Roger Ver’s lawsuit which eventually was withdrawn for lack of funds by the group, London Block Exchange accepting BCH & ETC and getting delisted from

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] at 01:00 UTC was trading at $1823 to a token with an 18% spike in the past 24 hours. BCH has shown a massive 180% growth compared to its price from last month when it was trading at $642. Although trading volumes have increased for all the coins in the top 10, BCH has witnessed a 740% growth in the trading volumes.

Bitcoin Cash breaks $1800

Bitcoin Cash breaks $1800

According to many from the community, the recent spike in prices is in tandem with the trend of prices hiking just before a fork. The upcoming Hard Fork on May 15th is called Bitcoin ABC and would result in a block size at 32 MB. Bitcoin [BTC] currently has a 1 MB block size which processes ~7 transactions per second and BCH currently has an 8 MB block size.

A recent tweet by the Twitter handle – Bitcoin stirred up a controversy when they said that Bitcoin Cash was “the oldest” cryptocurrency.

The recent post by Bitcoin

The recent post by Bitcoin

Replying to Bitcoin’s Tweet, Don an early crypto investor said,

“I owned $BTC way before $BCH came on the scene. What utter rubbish. @Bitcoin your desperation is so evident and all-encompasing that no-one can view Bitcoin Cash with an ounce of credibility irrespective of how good the technology might have been”

Keifus V, another Twitter user said,

“I’m also a relatively new user (Sept ’17) and this sort of childish and blatantly deceptive propoganda is precisely what deterred me from BCH.”

Michael Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital also took a swipe at the tweet saying,

“Enough already. Bitcoin core is BTC. It is a store of value. It is digital gold. It’s market cap dwarfs bitcoin cash. If you want to be a payments currency by definition you need to have stable value. So why own it. ??”

Rahul Sood, founder of Unikrn said,

“Wow. You guys are horrible. Your marketing is divisive and dishonest.”

Many from the BCH community argue that Bitcoin Cash [BCH] is better because of its 8 MB block which means it an on-chain scaling solution, unlike Bitcoin’s Lightning Network which would run outside BTC’s blockchain.

Many against “BCH” also say that even if BCH in itself is good, they believe Roger Ver’s attempt at “slandering BTC” and’s attempt at misleading people is what push people away from Bitcoin Cash [BCH].

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Anoushka is a full-time journalist at AMBCrypto, passionate about writing with a degree in B.A. Combined Humanities. She holds no value in cryptocurrencies currently.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar

    Eric Cavizo

    May 7, 2018 at 7:25 AM

    If you were ‘tricked’ or misled into purchasing a token that has increased 150%+ please inform me so i can take the appropriate measures of being there… please.. which may or may not have had anything to do with the ‘insufficient funds’ to sue Roger, Rick or whoever….

    Facts: 1 month ago you could have exchanged 1 BTC for 11 BCH. today it is 1btc- 5.5BCH.
    30% of exchanges done with BTC were shifted to BCH…. check it.

    Prediction: in 10 days it will be 1 to 2. in one month it should be over as far as to which is the ‘actual currency’ and not a ‘great memory’,
    it is too bad.

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