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XRP can now be handed via paper account; TipBot’s new secret feature announced by creator

Priyamvada Singh



XRP can now be handed via paper account; TipBot's new secret feature announced by creator
Source: Pixabay

Wietse Wind, the creator of the popular micropayments service, XRP TipBot finally announced the new secret feature called “Paper Accounts” that will enable users to send and receive tips without necessarily having a social media account, such as Twitter, Discord or Reddit.

During an interview with the YouTube Channel CKJ Crypto News, Wind explained the working of this new feature. He stated that a paper account can be generated by one of the existing TipBot users. The creator further instructed that one can just login to TipBot, create paper accounts and share them. There will be a public and private QR on the paper account, the public QR is to send tips and the private QR is for the recipient to activate the app.

For instance, if one wants to tip friends, family, restaurants or any other individuals in XRP, the recipient does not need to be on social media. Here, the user can just hand a paper with a gift tip and instructions stored in it, making it convenient for the first time receiver to take their own time and unlock the tip with XRP TipBot app.

In a conversation with AMBCrypto, Wietse Wind talked the hassle-free approach of the paper accounts feature and said:

“Until now the XRP TipBot has been available for the XRP Community. With the new “Paper Accounts”, it will be as easy as handing out a sheet of paper to get someone started and tip (gift) the first XRP.
The “Paper Account”-receiver doesn’t even have to be on Twitter (or reddit/Discord).
With the “Paper Accounts” adoption outside of the XRP community may just be around the corner”

He further expressed:

“Personally, with the holidays coming up, I’m very excited to get friends and family to use the XRPTipBot.
This evening I’ll give away my first “Paper Account” in the restaurant where some old colleagues and @thisistriss (TipBot App designer), @baltazar223 (TipBot App developer) will be meeting and eating. I’m really excited.”

In the YouTube broadcast, Wind also discussed another facility provided by the new feature. He cited an event where the receiver is unwilling to unlock the tip and use the TipBot app. In these cases, TipBot will secure the funds from getting stuck by returning them to the tipper’s account if the tip is not unlocked within a month’s span.

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Priyamvada is a full-time journalist at AMBCrypto. A graduate in Journalism & Communication from Manipal University, she believes blockchain technology to be a revolutionary tool in advancing the future. Currently, she holds no value in cryptocurrencies.


Ripple: SCB Thailand asks crypto-enthusiasts to wait for announcement regarding XRP adoption

Namrata Shukla



SCB Thailand asks crypto enthusiasts to wait for announcement regarding XRP adoption
Source: Pixabay

The nascent field of cryptocurrencies has been seeking major mainstream adoption, especially from financial institutions. Ripple, the native company of the third largest cryptocurrency, managed to promote its services and would provide payment services to the oldest Thai bank, Siam Commercial Bank [SCB].

The bank however, has not confirmed whether it would be making use of XRP. The Bank had informed its approach towards blockchain technology in various industries and the XRP community rejoiced after rumours of XRP adoption surfaced. However, when a Twitter user asked about the bank using XRP, SCB replied,

“We will be using Blockchain Technology for ripple but as for XRP, you may have to wait for further announcement.”

However, another Twitter user, @_bjb, jumped the gun when he saw the following on SCB,

The user then shared that when he went to use the service, he was informed that the service will be available soon. SCB Thailand apologized for the inconvenience through a tweet and informed all users,

“The information about ripple transfer will be announced soon, we are sorry for the inconvenience.”

The bank also stated that at the moment, it was using Ria Ripple transfer for banks in Japan and that users and crypto-enthusiasts will have to wait for an official announcement.

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